quick walkthrough sassa grant journey

A Quick Walkthrough into SASSA Grant journey

Almost everyone in South Africa knows that SASSA is an agency that provides free social grants to the local public of South Africa to meet their monthly expenses who are unable to afford on their own.

flowchart for sassa grant journey
grant journey flowchart

Choose The Right Grant

Before you go to apply for SASSA using their online application process, you first need to know their grant categories and choose to which grant you should apply. Yes, SASSA provides around 7 different grants to South Africans. Following are the grants that SASSA has designed for different groups of people.

There is another scheme offered by SASSA that may not be considered as SASSA grant, but it gives a type of monetary support to the person, this type of aid is known as SASSA old age homes for pensioners that is specifically built for seniors South African citizens.

To better choose a SASSA grant, you need to check each grant’s eligibility criteria and requirements, the most important thing that is common in each grant is how much you’re earning, and why that specific grant is suitable for you, you’ve to figure this out.

Get Ready to Apply

  • No assume that you’ve decided the grant that is suitable for or the grant to which you can complete the requirements, now collect all the requirements that are needed for that grant and use SASSA online application to get your application process by SASSA.
  • The SASSA team will process your application in your application will go through certain authentication checkpoints in which the SASSA team will confirm whether you deserve the grant.
  • After SASSA authentication, if your application is approved, you’ll be notify through SMS and through mail about the approval of your grant application.
  • In many cases, SASSA approves applications but no pay date can be experienced, due to this many applicants panic. Most of the time this message is only because your application is pretty new in SASSA and that needs post processing after successful approval to show complete success with SASSA payment dates on the status.
  • Keep note that before SASSA shows you completely approved status with SASSA pay dates, there are certain processes that the SASSA team held with you application, so it might take some time to show complete approval with dates.

Check Your Grant Status Online

  • Let’s suppose your grant is successfully approved, now you can perform SASSA status check of your grant by putting your ID number and Phone number. Checking your grant application status will allow you to look into the current details and status of your grant.
  • Checking grant status allows you to see the monthly payment dates of the specific grant that you hold. You must be very aware of your grant payment date because every grant that SASSA offers likely to have a different monthly pay date than other grants.

Choose Payment Method for Payments

  • Let’s assume you’re now an official SASSA beneficiary and got successful approval of any grant. Now you have to see your grant application status every week or month to see your pay date, and on that specific pay date, you’ve to visit your bank to receive your payments.
  • There are dozens of payment methods you can choose in while applying for the grant in application.
  • After some days of your grant approval, you’ll may receive a SASSA card which you’ve to activate yourself, see here how to activate your SASSA card in few steps.
  • The SASSA card will allow you to receive and use your monthly payments smoothly from your SASSA account, and it will work similarly to other bank cards, there will no any additional or hidden charges applicable or deductible from the total amount of SASSA money you’ve in your bank account.
  • When you’re a SASSA card holder, you’ve to keep track of the card expiry, you may have to renew SASSA card every year, as all ATM cards typically have annual expiry.
  • You don’t have to always withdraw your money using your SASSA card, The good news is that SASSA offers many other ways that you can use to take your money out of your account.
  • You can even withdraw money without using SASSA card, for this, you must be aware of other withdrawal methods, but the thing is you can withdraw without it.

Problem You May Face in Your Grant Journey

Problem 1:

Here are some set of the problems that most SASSA applicants may face in their life, these problems are normal and have their solution until you’re identified as a fraudulent person by the team of SASSA.

The most common problem SASSA applicants face in their approval process is a rejection of their application. This problem can be simply solved by just using a SASSA appeal.

There are some rules and set of procedures that you must follow to appeal to SASSA to get your application reconsidered and go under the re-verification process.

SASSA doesn’t always want to give its money to non-deserving persons in South Africa, and for this, the SASSA approval process is strict. If you think you’re deserving and meet the requirements that SASSA has announced, you can appeal for the grant that is rejected.

Problem 2:

There is a mass population of SASSA beneficiaries who sometimes put in the wrong information while filling their application form, and later they remember that they’ve made a mistake.

If you’ve recently submitted your application, SASSA keeps your application on hold for some time, SASSA gives this time specifically for the correction of mistakes you’ve made in your application.

You can simply open up your newly submitted application and update your SASSA application with correct details. Remember, you can only perform this step only when you;re application is on hold, once your application reaches the official SASSA process you may not be able to replace wrong details with correct ones.

Problem 3:

A large number of SASSA beneficiaries reported losing their SASSA card in the year 2023 according to some authentic reports. So this can be the case but you don’t have to panic about this.

You can get a new card if you face SASSA card lost situation in your grant journey, there some simple steps that you’ve to follow to renew your card.

Sometimes you may have to write an affidavit for lost card, this ensures the safety of your card or if your card gets into black hands that may lead to misuse of your card sometimes.

Problem 4:

Sometimes it may be a case where some people are happily receiving their monthly grants in their account, and suddenly their grant get suspended due to unknown reasons.

You as a beneficiary have to figure out the problem or why your SASSA grant is suspended. This can sometimes be serious, but in most cases, it’s not that serious and can be resolved in some matter of steps.

Final Thoughts

This quick walkthrough guide will allow you to see some potential problems that an applicant or a beneficiary can face in his/her grant journey from approval to getting the grant money into account. You can also see how the complete process for SASSA application works from very beginning to end with the selection of a right grant.

Let’s assume that a stage came in your life where you no longer need SASSA money and you want someone else more deserving should receive the same money you’re receiving, in this case, you can cancel SASSA grant. This will ensure your loyalty to the country as well as to the SASSA.

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