how to update sassa grant application

How to Update SASSA Grant Application

Updating the SASSA application if you have created any mistakes or failed any SASSA grant recently is an easy and simple process to perform. In this guide, you will learn how to update the SASSA grant application in case you want to find any error in a matter of minutes.

Before you update anything in your application, to skip additional errors make sure you put all the details very carefully for this, you can keep all your necessary documents in your hand because most of the things in all this are case sensitive and require your full attention.

Guide to Update SASSA Grant Application

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steps to update sassa application
steps to update your Sassa grant application
  • Login to your SASSA account using your username (ID Card) and password which you have selected while making your account.
  • After successful login, you will see a button “Edit Your application” or it might be “Update Your Application”.
  • You will be asked for a special reference number of the application and you will see a new window pop-out that will allow your application to edit.
  •  You will see all the details of your application and now you have to analyze your whole application to find the error you created.
  • After analyzing and finding the error, edit and make it correct.
  • After correcting the error, cross-check all the details to verify that all of them are now correct, and finally, click on the ‘Submit’ button.
  • Now you can check your SASSA application status.


To avoid a bad impression on SASSA personnel who are going to review your application, don’t edit your application many times in one row.

Precautions While Updating Your SASSA Application

While you update your application, be aware that you’re keeping in mind the following things in order to achieve maximum positivity for your application.

  1. Update before your application reaches the SASSA decision-maker.
  2. Only use this feature when necessary, or ignore it.
  3. Try to update the information in your application in the first week of application submission.
  4. Proofread twice your application after any edit.


Why do I need to change or update my SASSA grant application?

If you think you have perfectly filled all the details while you submitting for registration, then you don’t need to update it. In case you think there should be something else in a specific info box, then you can try this application updating feature.

What type of SASSA grant application can be updated?

There is no specific number of application types that you can update, you can update any application you want.

Is there any specific time to update the application?

If you think you have created any mistake, then you can update the application using the procedure we told you above as soon as possible in the next 2 weeks.

After how much time my application will be reviewed and answered?

It all depends on the load of work at the end of SASSA.

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  1. What things can I change in grant application, and is there any additional or hidden fees by SASSA for this purpose?

    1. It all depends on your requirements what you want to change or update in your application. There is no any hidden charges or fee for updating your grant application.
      go here if you want to change banking details:
      go here if you want to change phone number:

      please note that if you aren’t facing any problem with your grants, try to not change anything.

    1. Hi Lihle, please read the guide carefully and try to do it yourself, or you can take assistance by calling official SASSA number, thanks.

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