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SASSA Card Declined | How to Solve This Issue

SASSA card declined error is a very common issue most beneficiaries in South Africa experience, but there is nothing to worry about iuts completely normal and can be solved at your fingertips.

In case your SASSA card is declined or isn’t working, there can be certain reasons for it happening to you, but in most cases, it’s from the banking side which you don’t have to worry about. In most cases, it is recorded that the issue is a temporary technical error in the IT system of banks.

All the related issues can be sorted only if your card is working well or in good condition, so make sure your ATM card isn’t damaged from any side before actually further solving the card declined issue, in some cases, it can be your card’s fault.

You can also check the status of your SASSA application online by using the SASSA Status check tool to see whether your application is working fine or approved by the SASSA officials. If you have the SASSA card and for any reason your application is declined then still you might see a card declined error on your side.

How to Solve SASSA Card Not Working Issue

Make sure you follow the given steps in order to sort the issue related to the declination of your SASSA card.

  1. Before you go further to deal with the issue, make sure your card isn’t damaged from any side and is working fine technically.
  2. Contact the dedicated customer support team of South African Post Bank and ask them your query precisely, avoid explaining your issue in long talks, and present your issue precisely.
  3. For authentication, they ask for further documents from you, be transparent in providing them with all the necessary details and documents they want.
  4. The customer care team will also sometimes offer to change your SASSA payment method, you can deal with them on this accordingly.
  5. Suppose the team suggests to you that the system on their side is all okay and working fine, then this might be the issue with your card or the local ATM system from which you were trying to withdraw, you can try again withdrawing after some hours.

Pictorial Guide to Solve Card Decline Issue

Guide to Solve SASSA Card Decline
solve declined sassa card


Suppose you have shifted to a SASSA gold card, for payment loss, you can transfer all the money in your previous card to your new gold Sassa card. 

Also make sure to immediately inform at SASSA office in case you lose your SASSA card.

Common Reasons for SASSA Card Declined 

There can be hundreds of reasons for SASSA card rejection, but some common ones are recorded as follows.

reasons for sassa card declined
potential reasons that cause sassa card decline
  • Damaged Card Chip: most of the time the metal chip of the card is damaged due to some external jerks, this is one of the most common reasons recorded for card decline, make sure you don’t put a metal key with the card in your pocket and avoid keeping your card naked in your pocket, try to have it in a leather cover.
  • Exceed Fund Limit: under the means test (R624) your income funds limit is decided, so if the funds exceed the limit, it will also cause a card decline issue on the screen, this issue is one of the least common issues.
  • Grant rejected by SASSA: due to any reason or any illegal activity recorded by the SASSA team from your side, this can cause cancelation or rejection of already approved SASSA grants which ultimately shows card decline.
  • Crack in Card: the plastic area of the card may have a crack in it, which causes the ATM machine to not read your card properly.
  • Bank’s Technical Issue: in many cases, it is not your fault nor your carts, the system of PostBank is just buying from other beneficiaries or sometimes the technical fault in the mechanical system of the bank may cause these issues.
  • Card Blocked: if the bank side has recorded any fraudulent or unusual activity from your side, this can also cause a SASSA card decline issue.
  • Wrong PIN: in most cases, you enter the wrong single digit of your card PIN, there is no need to worry about this issue as it is not very serious, you can try checking again at the ATM by putting in the correct PIN.


Can an expired card cause a card decline problem?

Yes, it is pretty obvious that an expired card will not be readable by the ATM machine which will ultimately cause a decline error on the screen.

What should I do if my SASSA card is damaged and isn’t acceptable by ATM?

In this case, you can contact to SASSA office by going physically or you can also contact at their helpline 0800 53 54 55 and ask them about your issue.

Can I get a replacement for my SASSA card if it already has a technical problem in it?

Yes, it is possible to get a replacement for your technically damaged SASSA card from authorities without any problem. You can contact us for more information here [email protected]

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    1. There must be something wrong which you might not be able to see, people with this question often have their card damaged from the chip or broken somewhere from the edges or have a lot of scratches which makes difficult for the ATM machine to read, you can renew your ASSA card, complete details here

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