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SASSA Status Check Failed | Solve SASSA Status Check Declined Issue

SASSA status check failed and declined issues are the same thing if you are checking your SASSA status. You must know that these types of errors are very common and arise due to many reasons which you have to identify yourself.

If the SASSA status check on your sideshow any errors after you put all your details in the boxes, that means there is a problem, but there is no need to worry, these are part of this and many people often go through this and the good news is such issues are solvable just on your fingertips.

Why Does it Say Failed When Checking SASSA Status

Before you go further in detail for checking the SASSA status check failed problem, make sure that you are a registered beneficiary of SASSA grants. Sometimes SASSA online applications might not get submitted fully due to internet connection problems, so this can be a reason but in rare cases.

Following are all the reasons recorded for failed status on the basis of experience and research that can be the problem on your side, but keep in mind there is no hard and fast rule that your problem can be one of all these problems.

why does it say failed when checking sassa status
reasons for failed sassa status check
  • Age isn’t fulfilling Criteria: your age might be noticed as not meeting the criteria, you might be not eligible for the grant you applied for, and your age might be higher or lower than the SASSA official age limit. So make this sure first.
  • Noticed as Deceased Person: your ID card that you provided SASSA at the time of application might be identified as one of the deceased persons who isn’t present in this world or passed away. 
  • You’re a Government Employee: please note that South Africans who are already government employees won’t be able to get any grant approval, this is one of the biggest policies of SASSA. So make sure if you are a government employee you will not receive any monetary benefits from SASSA.
  • UIF Receiver: people who have applied and registered for UIF (Unemployment Insurance Funds) are not eligible to get any type of benefit from SASSA.
  • NSFAS and Other Schemes: If you are a holder of NSFAS (National Student Aid Scheme) or any other student aid scheme in South Africa you will not be able to get an SASSA grant.
  • Already SASSA Grant Holder: if you are identified by the SASSA team as already a SASSA grant holder and you are checking for the newly applied application status, in this case, you will surely get a status check failed error on your side. So be authentic and humble with SASSA in terms of receiving grants.

Some Other Reasons for SASSA Status Check Failed

  • Other Income Sources: If SASSA has identified your other healthy income sources, your registered or approved application will be rejected straight away and you won’t be able to check the status which will cause a failed SASSA status on your side.
  • Application Under Processing: if you are a new applicant and applied for any SASSA grant recently, your application might be in the verification process, meanwhile you won’t be able to check the status, it will ultimately show the failed result. If this is the case, make sure you wait for your application to further go in the process and database of SASSA.
  • Incorrect Input Details: this is a very common reason, most people input wrong information in the Sassa status check box like their ID card number and registered phone number. This input information is sensitive, so make sure you don’t put any extra or wrong digit in place, otherwise, it will show a failed status check on your side.
  • Try Later: this indicates that the SASSA system is busy assisting other applicants online who are beneficiaries or applicants of SASSA grants. In this case, you can wait for some time and try again later.
  • Incomplete Details or Application: an incomplete application at the time of registration may cause a status check to fail. All applicants are encouraged to fill in all the details completely and carefully when submitting their application, and always cross-check before pressing the final submit button.
  • Application Under Verification: sometimes to high workload on SASSA team working at the backend may cause status check failed. It takes around 30 days for complete authentication and verification of your submitted application, so be patient in this situation, and check it after some days.
  • Appeal SASSA for Cancelation: in case your application is denied or canceled officially from SASSA and you are not aware of the reason and think it’s unfair cancelation in your right. You can simply contact SASSA support using this number 0800 60 10 11 and ask them all the problem you facing, sometimes cancelation also result in a declined SASSA status check.


Can I check the SASSA status with the canceled application?
No, it’s not possible to check the status of a failed SASSA grant or application, it will show a failed status. Read the above possible reasons to know possible reasons of failure status.

Is it possible to fix failed SASSA status on your own?
If the issue is identifiable and minor, it can be resolved by yourselves, but in cases where the issue is major, it requires a proper way of fixing which may lead you to contact SASSA support.

What should I do if experience Status check failure?
You can try to identify the reason by reading told reasons for failure. In most cases, the ultimate way to sort the issue is to contact SASSA support using the official number 0800 60 10 11 OR by visiting their nearest official centers in South Africa.

What pre-steps i can take to save myself from facing a status check failed situation?
If you think you have done all right according to the given terms and conditions of SASSA, then you are good to go, you don’t have to worry about the situation, it’s a rare case that mostly happens to those who try to trick or fraud SASSA.

For more information

Email: [email protected]
Call: 0800 60 10 11

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    1. No matter what grant type you’re receiving from SASSA, the process to check for all grants is same as follow,
      1. put your id number
      2. put your ph number,
      3. press check now and see your grant details.

      furthermore, if you don’t have any online resources, you can check your status by physically visiting the SASSA office, go there and ask at the help desk to check your status. OR you can also use WhatsApp facility to check

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