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How to Get Your SASSA Application ID

SASSA application ID means a lot when someone at SASSA office needs to verify your details, or for dozens of many other purposes, it’s meaningful to have your application ID yourself.

When you go for SASSA online application through the official SASSA website, your application ID typically appears in your account with SASSA reference number. Both these details are important to save for yourself for future use.

For a certain reason, if you’ve forgotten your application ID, there is no big issue, because you can check your ID in just a matter of some clicks. We’ve discussed the detailed process to check your application ID below.

Check SASSA Application ID in Steps

To check your SASSA application ID, you need primary things: your ID number registered ate the time of application and the same phone number given in your application form. Follow the given steps to check your ID after these two basic requirements.

check sassa application id
check sassa application id
  • Clear your browser caching, and visit the official SASSA website through
  • Now log in the portal using your ID number and phone number.
  • After logging in, just the first window will show you your application ID at the top section of the window.

Other Ways to Check Application ID

Suppose you do not have access to SASSA portal due to some reasons or you don’t want to deal with online stuff. You still have another way which you can use to see your application ID but it might require a little more time and effort to check.

You can check your status by physically going to SASSA office: simply visit any your nearest SASSA offices and ask the help desk to tell you your application ID. Keep in mind they will require further verification like your ID card number and phone number.

Always take your phone and most importantly your original ID card with you for verification at the SASSA end.

What is Application ID for SASSA

The application ID is a special and unique ID that SASSA provides to every applicant at the time of application. Every SASSA applicant is judged by this special ID number in the documents of SASSA.

SASSA application ID and reference number are two unique entities that can’t be the same for any two SASSA applicants, these two will always be unique for every beneficiary.
This application ID can be used for many purposes as changing SASSA banking details, changing phone number, or updating grant application. SASSA for various operations at an individual level requires authentication which is possible only by this unique application ID.

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