sassa war veteran grant

SASSA War Veterans Grant

South African government is highly respectful of the sacrifices of National South Africans who took part for the country in World War 2 for the country. SASSA War Veteran grants are merely designed for such veterans who is now unable to take care of themselves.

There are still many veterans in South Africa who are actively receiving this grant type from the government and are very happy with this kind of act taken by the South African government. 

Check SASSA War Veterans Grant Status

Steps to check the SASSA War Veteran Grant

This includes similar steps to check SASSA war veterans grant status as other SASSA grants have. Follow these simple steps given below to check your status:

  • Clear your browser cache for a better status-checking experience, this isn’t mandatory, but you can perform this step as a first and additional step. Visit
  • Enter your national ID card number in the first field of the status check, then enter your SASSA registered phone number in the next field or field below the ID card.
  • Press enter or click on the ‘Submit’ button, and your War Veteran Grant status will be shown on the screen.


All information steps involved in the status checking are case-sensitive, so it is advised to try to make no any type of numerical or spelling mistakes, otherwise the status will not be shown to you.

Eligibility Criteria for SASSA War Veterans Grant

These are some important points that you’ve to keep in mind while applying for a war veterans grant. These are compulsory criteria that should be met for the successful approval of this grant.

sassa war veterans grant criteria
war veterans grant criteria
  • Applicant applicant must have given services in the National South African armed forces in the first and Second World Wars.
  • The person applying for this grant must be 60 or over the age of 60 years.
  • Must be a national resident of South Africa with no healthy means of income, property, or assets.
  • If the applicant is single, he/she must not be receiving an annual income of more than R86280, if the applicant is a legally married couple, they must not be receiving more than R172,560 on an annual basis.

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How much is the war veterans grant in South Africa
SASSA has designed the R2110 grant on a monthly basis per person, terma dnc conditions applied.

Is the process of receiving the grant the same as other SASSA grants?
Yes, you will receive your veteran grants using the same payment gateways or payout methods as used for other SASSA grants. Keep in mind that application and document submission for all grants are not the same, they are a little bit different in terms of document stack.

Can a person who took unofficially part in WWII be eligible to receive these payments grants?
No, in this case, the person will not be eligible for this grant, a person must be an official soldier in the documents of the government with complete records and proofs.

After how much time of complete approval of an application, does a person start receiving a war veteran grant?
This will be in your beneficiary account just the next month of complete approval and acceptance.

How can the War Veteran Grant be rejected or canceled from SASSA?
There can be certain reasons for which Ware Veteran Grant can be rejected some of which are unknown because SASSA doesn’t publically tell why the application is rejected from their side.

How much does SASSA grant for War Veterans?
The person who successfully qualifies for this grant will receive a total amount of R2110 on a monthly basis after approval.

The most common reasons why a war veteran grant can be rejected are due to any sort of illegal activity noticed by authorities, any type of mistake found in the application process, any type of important document found missing in the stack, or the person applying for the grant is not eligible to have this grant at all.

For more information

  • You can reach out to the official toll-free main office helpline: 0800 601 011
  • You can also reach us via email at [email protected]

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