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SASSA Reapplication | How to Reapply for SASSA

SASSA reapplication is a simple process that you can follow in one or two minutes in case your previous application from SASSA is rejected for any reason. Don’t panic, it’s a part of this grant to being rejected for certain reasons, the good news is you can reapply in a few steps.

Before you reapply, make sure you are complying with the criteria of SASSA grants and haven’t performed any unethical activity with SASSA team. In case you are not fulfilling the criteria or have performed any illegal means with the agency, you will be rejected again no matter what changes you make to your reapplication.

How to Reapply for SASSA 350 Grant

Follow the steps given carefully to apply again for SASSA, make sure you follow each and every step carefully, and as this is a SASSA online application try to clear your browser caching or do all this in a new separate window for a better approach.

sassa reapplication process
reapplication procedure for sassa
  1. Visit the official SASSA website using this link
  2. Then click on the Reapplication button named ‘Update Existing Application for Reapplication’ and a new window will pop in front of you requiring certain details.
  3. Now you have to put your South African phone number and Identity number in the given fields. Enter all these details carefully keeping in mind that there is no chance of mistake.
  4. After entering all such details, press the Update/Submit button given below.

Congratulations! You have successfully submitted the application for reapply and reconsideration for your SASSA R350 grant. To minimize the chances of rejection again, you can identify by yourself the reasons for the application being declined and improve them when you are going to apply next.


Your reapplication for SASSA will be noticed by SASSA officials within the next 30 days, so be patient and wait for your reapplication acknowledgment.

Why You Should Use SASSA Reapplication Facility

These are the common reasons for application rejection, and you can reapply if you think all the criteria given below are being fulfilled.

  • Wrong Identity Verification: if you think that you have submitted the wrong identity number while applying for the SASSA grant the very first time, then you should reapply without any hesitation.
  • Age Limit Exceeded: SASSA doesn’t accept specific applications from people who are the age of above 60 years old, so if you think you have applied for the matching grant and still got rejected, you can consider reapplication.
  • Other Income Sources: SASSA also doesn’t applicants who are receiving income from other healthy means, so if you have applied for SASSA and identified as a person receiving income from other sources and you are not actually, then definitely go for reapplication.
  • Beneficiary of Other Funds: in case you’re receiving other funds from the state government of South Africa like UIF (Unemployed Insurance Funds) or NSFAS (National Student Financial Aid Scheme) then you will not get approval for any SASSA grant. If this isn’t the case, you can reapply for the SASSA grant accordingly.
  • Other SASSA Grant Beneficiary: SASSA also rejects applicants or reapplicants who are already receiving benefits of any other SASSA grant, so if you haven’t received any SASSA benefits previously, you can proceed to the reapplication process.
  • Non-National: If you are identified as non-national of South Africa in such case SASSA will also reject your application, so if you are a South African national and think you meet all the criteria, you can follow the reapplication steps. Keep in mind in some cases SASSA might ask you for additional authentications which you have to submit transparently.

After identifying the reason for rejection and going through all the processes for Sassa reapplication, you can use the SASSA status check facility by putting your details there, keep in mind that SASSA takes a few weeks or 30 days for a new query to update in their database.


Is there any limit to the number for reapplication?
No, there is no limit for reapplication, you can reapply as many times as you want unless you are being identified as tricking the SASSA system, in case you are identified as fooling the SASSA system, SASSA can ban you, so be transparent in your matters with SASSA.

What specific documents do I need for reapplication?
You may not need any additional documents, all the processes will be completely dependent on your previous details submitted to SASSA, but in some cases, SASSA may require some additional documents for verification, so be prepared for this.

Can I reapply if some of my national identification or any circumstances have been changed?
Yes you can, you can reapply for SASSA without any hesitation in case any of your important details have been changed legally in the documents of government.

What should I do if my SASSA reapplication is rejected or declined?
There is no specific answer to this, you can simply reapply but improving the presentation of your details this time is important.

What if I don’t reapply or take any action for long after rejection from SASSA?
If you didn’t take any steps for your rejected application or reapply for a long time like 5-6 months, you may have to apply by following the whole application process.

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