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SASSA Grant In-Aid 

In case you are already a beneficiary of the SASSA social grant, but not in a position or not able to take care look after yourself, then in the case you are eligible to have this another specialized form of SASSA grant in aid designed specifically for you and your type of people that are nationals and citizens of South Africa.

If you are a recipient of this grant, you can perform SASSA status check grant-in-aid program that is real-time updating from the database. Please make sure that before entering your details you must be a grant holder and all details should be put perfectly.

Check SASSA Grant In Aid Status

Type of people who are eligible for grant in-aid

Before you know further details about the people category allowed for this grant, make sure no other than these types are allowed to have this grant as a support, their application will be rejected straight away.

  • People who are of old age and do have not enough energy to take care of themselves.
  • DIfferently, disabled people who are born with an irreparable disability.
  • Disabled people who are disabled due to certain reasons like accidents or any catastrophic events.
  • War veterans who have survived in a war fighting for the country.

NOTE: Only All these people are legally eligible to receive an extra monthly official grant from the agency which is Grant-In-Aid.

Steps to Check SASSA Grant In-Aid

It’s a very simple and easy process to check your Grant In-Aid status online like other statuses you check by entering your personal details, follow the points given below in order to check your status:

  • First, visit and keep your National details including your ID card and registered phone number in your hand.
  • Enter your ID card number issued by the government of South Africa in the first field. Then enter the sim card/phone number you have provided for SASSA Grant registration.
  • Click on the ‘Submit’ submit button given below these two fields.
  • All your details will be shown on the screen in a matter of a second.


All the steps involved in this are case-sensitive, so it is advised to put all details perfectly without any mistake, otherwise your details might not be shown at the screen.

Eligibility Criteria for SASSA Grant in-Aid

Following are the eligibility criteria points for an in-Aid grant that must be fulfilled if want successful approval of this grant. A single missing criterion from the list might put you in rejection.

sassa grant in aid eligibility criteria
sassa grant in aid eligibility
  • The guardian must have proved that he/she is a guardian of the person who needs aid with the help of documentation.
  • The person on behalf of you applying for this grant must report through documentation that he/she is unable to care of himself.
  • A monthly income of R8070 must not be crossed, in the case of a married couple, the income must not be crossed more than 193680 annually.
  • Last but not least, you and the applicant must be South African national residents.
  • If relationship documents are provided, it will be a plus point.

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How much is the SASSA grant in-Aid per month?
The SASSA under Grant In-Aid pays R510 on a monthly basis to the national applicants deserving. These aren’t permanent and can vary accordingly in the future.

Why SASSA has been terminated or cancelled by grant approval?
There can be certain reasons why the Sassa grant is declined, it can be due to suspicious activity authorities have noticed from your application, or it can be you are not complying with the deserving criteria for this grant simply.

After how much time of complete approval from authorities I will receive my Grant and payment?
After completing your application and approval process from the authorities at SASSA, they will do a final cross-check to verify the authenticity of your documents. Right after these, you will start receiving your grants very next month.

Can one get two grants in-aid for two different persons of the same family?
Yes if they are deserving, they will start receiving this aid but after going from a complete verification and check process from the authorities sitting at SASSA. There is no chance of fraud SASSA, so keep this in mind before doing any suspicious activity while doing the application process.

For more information:

You can call to Toll-Free 0800 60 10 11

You can also use official email as [email protected]

SASSA Status Check

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    1. No, a person whether receiving any other grant from SASSA or from any other organization in South Africa, won’t be eligible to apply for this grant. SASSA don’t entertain such persons. If you any other family member needs any grant without being a beneficiary of any other grant type, then yes you can apply for.

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