How to Write Affidavit for Lost SASSA Card

How to Write Affidavit for Lost SASSA Card

Writing an affidavit in case you lost your previous SASSA card is a mandatory task, but it’s also important the way you write your affidavit for a card. In case you don’t know how to write an affidavit for a lost SASSA card, your request for a new card might be rejected.

We are here to help you write an affidavit for a SASSA card lost in which you will learn how you can effectively and correctly write an affidavit that will professionally declare that you are in a situation of lost card.

Before you know the importance of writing an affidavit, keep note that unless you declare a lost card and have a new one, you’ll not be able to renew SASSA card because it’s mandatory to provide your old card at the counter for renewal.

Steps to Write an Affidavit for a Lost Card

To write a perfect affidavit that looks professional, follow the given steps and make sure you don’t skip any step in order to achieve the maximum level of professionalism. Keep in mind that your affidavit should look to the point without rushing unwanted words in the format.

  • Step 1: the very first step is to write the commissioner and court name with the case number only if applicable.
  • Step 2: clearly and to the point write the title of your affidavit, You writing an affidavit for the lost card then your title will be ‘Affidavit for a Lost SASSA Card’. Try to write the first letters of each word in capital letters.
  • Step 3: this step is very important and no chance of a mistake here. Write your details your full name, your ID number, your registered phone number in SASSA, and finally your mailing address. Remember to write all such details as registered in SASSA, If even a single or numerical mistake happens in details your affidavit will be rejected straight away.
  • Step 4: write a small paragraph of 20-40 words in which explain why you’re writing this affidavit, and explain the reporting of your lost card.
  • Step 5: write another small paragraph in that explains the details of when and how your card was lost, don’t forget to write the date and time.
  • Step 6: In case you’ve reported this case to your nearest police station, in this case also mention in a separate paragraph that you’ve filed a case to the authorities, also write your case details if applicable.
  • Step 7: now write a short paragraph in which write a request for a new SASSA card.
  • Step 8: write a concluding paragraph in which write a thanking or affirmative statement to the authorities that are going to read your affidavit.
  • Step 9: for more authenticity and professionalism you can also include the expiry date of your lost card, if you remember it’s not compulsory but you can do it.

Any problem related to your card will not affect your grant status, using our site, you can perform SASSA status check in really simple steps.


Follow the format carefully.  Also, note that steps 1 and step 2 are only applicable if you’ve initiated the case to the authorities otherwise there is no need to write such details. Do not forget to leave a space on your affidavit paper of one or two paragraphs where authorities or commissioners are going to sign.


Is there any special paper to write a lost card affidavit?
You can require a ready-made format from any SASSA office, if not you can write it down on plain white paper with the above-explained format.

What is the purpose of the SASSA affidavit?
An affidavit is a declaration or report to the authorities about the incident you faced and due to which you are going through the problem. In the lost card affidavit, you are reporting to SASSA about your lost card and how it happened to you.

Is there a specific format for an affidavit?
For SASSA there isn’t any specific formatting for an affidavit, but you can write in ready-made format or you can also use a simple white paper of size A4 to write that.

After how much time of affidavit submission i can apply for a new card?
Once you’ve submitted your affidavit, you can apply for a new card once it reaches the processing environment of SASSA. You can visit SASSA bank with your affidavit details for application of a new card after a week.

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