sassa payment for october

SASSA Payment Dates for October 2024

The SASSA payment dates for October are smooth in terms of receiving grant money as there is no any big event in the country according to the calendar.

We’ve discussed all the payment dates for all grant that SASSA offers to South African beneficiaries that will help you receive your payments timely from your payment points or ATMs.

Please note that SASSA sets different pay dates for almost all grants, but also note that some grants may have same pay dates. Typically those grants for which there are few beneficiaries in the country have the same dates.

SASSA Pay Days for October 2024

The official SASSA payment dates for October are here, you’re advised to visit your local ATM or payment points you’ve chosen to receive your monthly payments.

Old Age Grant3 October 2024
Disability Grant4 October 2024
Other SASSA Grants5 October 2024
sassa payment for october

If you want to receive your SASSA payment more smoothly, you’re advised to visit the ATMs a day after the official disbursement of payment from SASSA, in this way you’ll be avoiding high crowds of people at banks and ATMs and traffic on roads.

october weekend payments will be processed on upcoming workdays

SASSA Payment Amounts

SASSA haven’t designed any policy according to which you can increase or change teh grant amount, so keep in mind once your grant is approved you payment amount won;t be changed.

Child Support GrantR480
Care Dependency GrantR1990
Foster Child GrantR1070
War Veterans GrantR2010
Old Age GrantR1990
Disability GrantR1990

As SASSA gives a different payment amount for each grant, you must be aware of choosing and applying for the grant after carefully reading the requirements and eligibility of that specific grant.

SASSA reserves the right to change the payment date of any grant and payment amount of any grant, normally SASSA increases or decreases the grant amount according to the inflation rate going in the country.

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