sassa payment for march

SASSA Grant Payment Dates for March 2024

SASSA as a social grant agency is very responsible in sending payments to all beneficiaries throughout South Africa. The SASSA payment dates are usually at the start of each month to disburse the grant money as on 2,3, and 6 dates of march 2024.

On the day 2 March 24. SASSA will release payments for all its older person beneficiaries, on 3 March, it will release grants for disabled persons, and finally, on 6th of March, it will disburse all the payments of beneficiaries of other grants.

SASSA Grant Pay Days for March 2024

No sooner no later than the following dates you will receive your grant money in your bank account if you are a SASSA beneficiary.

Old Age Grants2 March, 2024
Disability Grant3 March, 2024
All other SASSA Grants6 March, 2024
sassa payment for march

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All SASSA beneficiaries are advised to collect their payments timely from the authorized channels or the channels or payment methods that SASSA has officially announced. Longer delay in receiving payments causes the reverse of your payment.

SASSA beneficiaries with expired cards or any problem related to their application are advised to quickly sort the issue or renew their cards as soon as possible to avoid delays in their payments.

The agency reserves the right to change its payment dates accordingly, you should always be aware of the next pay days SASSA announces.

march weekend payments will be processed on upcoming workdays

SASSA Pay Amounts

The amount of all SASSA grants is different from each other, with also note that SASSA has also changed its grant amounts for almost all its grant programs many times throughout past years.

SASSA as a social security agency always tracks the inflation rate or commodity prices in South Africa according to which it takes necessary steps to vary its grant payments.

If you are looking to be a SASSA applicant in the future, make sure you choose your grant very carefully after reading all the criteria and eligibility of that payment program. You can only choose one that best suits your needs.

Payment Withdrawal Precautions

  1. Pre-schedule your visit to ATM point to collect your payment.
  2. Allow no one at the ATM machine to enter the room while you’re making the transaction.
  3. A week or two before taking your payment, check your SASSA card validity, if expired, renew it first.
  4. Take your close relative or friend as a companion to the payment point.
  5. Avoid late-night withdrawals, and make sure you don’t stop at any place after taking your payment out to avoid armed robberies.
  6. When entering your PIN at ATM, cover up the ATM keypad with your palm and enter the PIN with the other hand.
  7. If anyone present at the ATM offers you help, strictly avoid this and make your transaction yourself.
  8. If you experience any problem with your card or ATM machine, immediately inform to bank’s staff rather than reporting it to some stranger at ATM.
  9. After successful transaction, take you card first out from the machine, save it in your pocket or wallet, then take your cash from the machine,.
  10. Keep tracking your SMS notification on your phone, and report immediately if you see any unusual transaction notification. To keep your card more secure, keep changing the PIN after a month or two.

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