SASSA eForms

SASSA eforms are the most important SASSA forms everyone must have to deal with in order to practically generate any process in SASSA.

Like for SASSA application for any grant type, you need an application eform with this you also need affidavit

Most importantly when you’re applying as a new applicant you must have to fill bank consent form which posseses the important details like your bank account number and various others.

These forms are necessary, as without these forms your practical query to SASSA is nothing.

On we will be providing you all the obligatory eforms that you need in your journey with SASSA.

SASSA eForms List

You’re advised to read the form you’re interested in and fill yourself the form with all details correctly input, if any wrong information entered in any of such forms, it can creat problem for you, so be careful.

The pillar and the basic form you need to get any SASSA grant is Sassa application form, to get this form visit here (

With the application form no matter for whats grant you’re applying for, you also need an affidavit form. Following are the affidavit forms online available for you, click on the links and get them.

Remember! If you’re applying for HIV grant, you need the same affidavit form as disability grant affidavit, because HIV grant comes under the same category.

Then comes the bank consent form, this consent form gives information to SASSA to which account they’re disbursing their payments.

The information you put in this eform should reflect the information you entered in your application and affidavit form.

How To Fill SASSA eForm

There are two ways to fill SASSA eform, wither digitally by using computer and keyboard, or by physically.

Digital/Online eform filling: 

  • Download the eform and open in any form editor wither online or by installing on your computer.
  • Then again upload the filled form on the Sassa portal or wherever you want to upload it.

Offline/Physical form filling:

  • Print out the form.
  • Fill using led pensil or blue ball point, you can use any thin liner to fill, but avoid using of marker.
  • After filling out the complete form, scan the form to get it into digital form again.
  • Now upload the form where you want to upload.

Precautions While Filling eForms

Here are some precautionary measure you should be keeping in mind while filling any of these forms.

  1. See the Sassa stamp at the top of the form, if the stamp is official Sassa’s then only fill it out, otherwise ignore and look for official Sassa forms.
  2. Your entered details in the form should always be matching to the information you enter in your application form your name and ID should be the same in both.
  3. Be careful while entering the bank account number, a single numerical mistake in the bank account can cause the rejection of the form.
  4. Try to fill the form digitally, if you can’t fill digitally, print out the original or color copy of the form and fill it with a ballpoint without cuttings.


Why should I not fill the Sassa form using an ink marker?

To avoid dispersion or words on the form paper.

How to get Sassa form reference number?

You can only get your form’s reference number by contacting SASSA.

What is the best way of filling SASSA form?

The most convenient and quick way is to fill your form digitally in your computer wiether online or offline by using any form editor tool, but you can also fill it offline of physically as per your understanding.