SASSA R350 Grant Application Complete Process

SASSA R350 grant application includes a simple process as you apply for other SASSA grants with some mandatory requirements, it will require some of your minutes and patience to apply.

Keep in mind where you see the word SASSA SRD R350 application OR simply R350 application, these are just the same things.

Also note that this grant is specifically designed for national citizens of South Africa who are unemployed, considered refugees, or currently have no means of income due to certain reasons.

Like other grants you can choose SASSA online application facility, for R350 you can also apply at ease in your home with an internet connection and a smartphone or laptop.

SASSA R350 Grant Requirements and Eligibility Criteria

Before you proceed to apply for the R350 SASSA grant, make sure you have all the following things as compulsory requirements, otherwise, you may face problems in your application process.

sassa r350 requirements
SASSA r350 requirements
  1. A registered and active South African phone number in your smartphone.
  2. 18-60 years of age.
  3. South African National ID Card or ID card number.
  4. Your South African green ID book.
  5. Asylum permit file with number.
  6. Citizenship or residency permit in case you are a refugee, it can be your passport.
  7. Currently not receiving any other grant than SASSA, and he/she has to prove low OR no income through documentation.

How to Apply Online for Sassa r350

After completing your requirements, now you’re ready to apply for an R350 grant following the the steps given below.

sassa r350 application process
r350 Sassa application process
  • The very first step is to clear your browser history or cache to avoid certain problems, this step will ensure a better experience in your whole application journey.
  • Now visit the official ( of SASSA.
  • For verification, type your South African number and press enter button and you will receive an OTP code on your phone.
  • Now enter your SASSA OTP which you’ve received on your phone.
  • Select one option from two ‘South African ID Holders’ OR ‘Asylum Seekers or Permit Holders’. Choose that best suits you.
  • Enter your file number if required.
  • Now enter your primary and personal details like your First Name, Last Name, Gender, and Present Mailing Address.
  • Now select the payment method using which you’ll receive grants. You can only select payment methods that SASSA officially has allocated.
  • A window will appear asking you to check mark terms and conditions. Check the buttons and press the ‘Submit’ button to submit your  R350 application.
  • Now your application has reached the official SASSA application stacks, you’ll be officially notified shortly about your application process status.
  • In case your application is accepted and approved by SASSA, you’ll get a special payment ID number to receive your payments.

In case your application is rejected, you can reapply for SASSA or you can also appeal to SASSA if you think all your requirements and details are correct with your eligibility. You can also perform SRD Status check online for your R350 grant.


Never ignore the importance of clearing your browser caching. Also, note that all steps in your SRD application process are case-sensitive, so avoid even a single numerical or alphabetical mistake to avoid inconvenience in your application.

Follow the Steps to Check SASSA SRD R350 Grant Application Status

Before you check your SASSA SRD application status, note that all grant status-checking procedures are the same.

  • Clear your browser caching and visit SASSA Check on your phone or laptop with an internet connection.
  • Enter your SASSA registered phone number in the first field.
  • Enter your national ID number in the second field.
  • Press the Submit button, and it will reveal all the information related to your SRD R350 grant application.


Is SASSA SRD and R350 Grants the same?

Yes, the SASSA SRD R350 Grant or SRD grant are exactly the same things, these are just pronounced differently to save time.

After how much time of applying, will I receive a confirmation message from SASSA?

Anywhere between the time period of one month, you’ll receive the official message from SASSA related to your SRD grant.

Can a person with any other SASSA grant receive R350 grant at the same time?

No, it’s not possible according to official documents. You must fulfill the above-given criteria in order to achieve successful R350 application approval.

What is the payment schedule for SASSA R350?

The payment schedule for R350 is monthly like other grants of SASSA, you can check official dates for SASSA payments to timely receive your payments.

How is Sassa R350 grant paid?

There is no difference in payment gateway of R350 grant, if you’re a beneficiary of this grant, you’ll be paid as other SASSA grants into your bank account.

Is R350 grant application still open

Yes, it’s still available and open for application for further years to deserving South Africans.

When SASSA R350 End?

It was designed to serve beneficiaries only in the time of COVID-19 but South African decided to extent it to 2025. you can expect any change in future.


    1. It’s always better and recommended to use the same number registered on the beneficiary or the applicant’s name, if the applicant is child or older age person, you can use the phone number to the closest person in relation, the closest person should be in genetic relation.

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