sassa foster child grant

SASSA Foster Child Grant 

SASSA foster child grant as the name suggests is designed to support a foster national child who is under the citizenship of South Africa and is being left by their genetic parents to foster child houses in the country.

This program is one of the best humanitarian financial programs from the pool of SASSA aid grants. This program is legally approved by the South African Child Care Act and is now being successfully delivered to deserving children of South Africa who are nationals or under citizenship.

The application and approval process for this grant is almost the same as other programs of SASSA, just a little bit of difference in the document submission process in which you have to prove that the child is really one from the deserving quota of this financial support from the government.

Check Status For SASSA Foster Child Grant

Steps to Check SASSA Foster Child Status

There isn’t rocket science in checking the status of this grant on yourself, it is an easy and 3-4 step process that is going to take just 1-2 minutes of you. One thing worth mentioning here is that before you take any steps to check the status, make sure you put all the documents and details on your table in order to avoid any inconvenience in your steps.

  • First open the status check tool, for a better experience, you can clear your browser caching before using this web app
  • Enter your child’s birth certificate unique number issued by the government of South Africa. Then enter the mobile phone number that you submitted while applying for this grant for your child.
  • After putting all the required details press enter or click on the ‘Submit’ button given below the input fields.’
  • After you press the ‘Submit‘ button, all your SASSA details will pop up on your screen.


All the input details you are going to put in the input field should be 100% correct, or it will show an error to you. Keep in mind it’s case-sensitive to put your personal details in the detail boxes.

Eligibility for SASSA Foster Child Grant

Here are the eligibility criteria for a foster child grant that must be fulfilled for approval, a failure in a single criteria can cause rejection for the grant.

foster child grant criteria
foster child grant criteria
  • The child must be a South African national or permanent resident of South Africa, and must not be living in other African countries.
  • The age of the child should be lower than 19 years of age.
  • Legal documents of the child and guardian stating that the child is in the care.
  • No minimum income threshold is set for the approval of this grant by SASSA.

Apply for Foster Child Grant

To apply for SASSA Foster Child Grants you need to follow some steps below, just keep in mind this is a brief procedure, for details, visit SASSA online application.

  • Visit the official SASSA portal and make an account by registering yourself.
  • You can see ‘Apply for a grant’ section within your portal, click over it and you’ll see the application form for the foster child grant.
  • Fill out correctly the application form with complete and accurate details along with the bank consent form and affidavit.
  • Also attach other supporting documents proving the child is foster.
  • Submit all forms by uploading them to your online portal, and your application is done.
  • Keep using Sassa status check tool to look for how your application is performing.


Why my Child’s SASSA foster grant is declined or rejected?

Any application including child foster at SASSA can be declined or rejected due to many reasons like incomplete document submission, mistake in providing details at the time of application, or any illegal or uncertain activity noticed by the SASSA team.

Can you make any changes in your status like banking details?

Yes, it is possible to make any change that is allowed officially by SASSA like banking details. You can change banking details by contacting at official contact number of SASSA or their email. You can also apply for bank change details online by yourself using your smartphone or computer.

What are the eligibility criteria for a foster child grant?

The simple eligibility criteria for the foster child program are that the child should be declined by their blood parents due to certain reasons like divorce or any other reason.

Can two children of the same blood can get foster child support?

Yes, it is possible to appeal for two different children of the same genetic relation who deserve foster support at the same time. You can apply for both as a guardian on their behalf providing authentic separate details of each. Make sure you don’t fail to prove that both children are orphans, otherwise, your application can be rejected straight away.

How much grant amount for the Foster Child Grant will be provided by SASSA?

The deserving foster child will receive a monthly grant of R1130 on pay dates after successful approval.

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  1. Are there specific eligibility criteria or conditions that foster parents or guardians must meet to qualify for the grant?

    1. Yes there are specific eligibilit and criteria points you must consider while applying for foster child grant.

      1. The child needs to be either a South African citizen or a permanent resident of South Africa and should not be residing in other African nations.
      2. The child’s age must not exceed 18 years.
      3. Documentation, including legal papers for both the child and guardian, is required to confirm that the child is under the guardian’s care.
      4. There is no specific minimum income requirement for the approval of this grant by SASSA.

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