SASSA SRD Grant R350

SASSA SRD grant also known as the SRD R350 grant OR Social Relief of Distress was specifically launched after the serious outbreak of COVID-19 pandemic in South Africa.

This grant was named R350 because of the amount it pays to beneficiaries, but later after its extension to R370, it was now pronounced as SRD R370 grant.

The grant was aimed to facilitate South African nationals who’ve lost their jobs or businesses in the pandemic outbreak.

At first, it was only designed to provide financial grants for 6 months, but later SASSA board of directors decided to extend the period of this grant to 2025. 

Before you dig more into the details of this grant, let me tell you one thing, as SASSA has all simplified processes for application and status checking, this grant possesses the same process for application for approval and all other such technicalities.

It might be different from other SASSA grant like in requirements and eligibility criteria that one must fulfill in order to get successful approval.

Steps to Check SRD Status

To check SRD grant status, you’ve to follow the simple steps as you do to check the statuses of other SASSA grants, as follow.

  • Enter your national ID card number or CNIC number in the first field.
  • Then enter your Phone number in the second field.
  • Note that you must provide both these details the same as you’ve provided in the application form when you were applying for this grant.

Eligibility Criteria for SRD Grant

Following are the standard eligibility criteria for the SASSA Srd grant one must have to get successful approval. All the following things will be checked strictly in the SASSA means test.

sassa srd grant eligibility criteria
srd grant criteria
  1. Only South African nationals of the age between 18-60 years can apply.
  2. Must be an unemployed person OR having no means of income. If low or no income is proved through documentation, will be a plus point.
  3. A valid South African national ID card and phone number is required.
  4. The person must not receive any benefit from other grant schemes in the country like NSFAS or UIF.

This grant is one of the easiest in terms of criteria fulfillment, for this, you only have to fulfill very few requirements.

How to Apply For SRD Grant

There is no rocket science for SRD application, you just have to follow very basic steps by completing the above-mentioned criteria. The following process for application of this grant is basic, for a more detailed process check SRD grant application

Before you go further, one important thing to mention, if for example your grant application for SRD is rejected, you can appeal to SASSA with more detailed proofs or you can also reapply for the grant. Let’s see how you can apply for this grant!

  • If you’re a newcomer or haven’t any experience dealing with SASSA, first create an account by opening the official SASSA site.
  • Proceed to the online application form and fill out the form completely by entering the correct details, avoid making any mistakes and entails you provide in the form.
  • Select South African national, Permit holder, or asylum seeker as suitable to you.
  • Provide gender, email address, phone number, and ID number in the form
  • Select your payment method and your banking details with the bank-generated form with your personal details, the bank form must be official and computer-generated.
  • If the form requires some additional information or attachments of documents, don’t forget to provide the same application form.
  • Tip: if you have your documents in hard copy format, you can scan them and get in digital form, in this way, you can attach the documents with your application form to the SASSA account.
  • After filling out the form and providing all the required documents, now you’re ready to submit the form to SASSA, press the submit button.
  • Wait for at least one or two weeks to get response from SASSA on your SRD application.


Mistakes in any detail in the form or provision of misinformation can lead to the rejection of application. Consider the form case-sensitive while filling. out


How long will you receive the SRD grant?

As soon as you get approval confirmation of the grant, you’ll start receiving your SRD grant payments in your bank account on official monthly payment dates by SASSA.

How much is the SRD grant?

The SRD grant was R350 at the time of the launch, but now SASSA has made many increments in the payments. Check the SRD grant increase for more details.

Is the SRD grant canceled?

SASSA has increased the SRD grant to 2025, it’s not confirmed yet what SASSA will do with this grant after this. In short, the SRD grant is still available until 2025 arrives.

What to do when the SRD grant is approved?

You have nothing to do after approval of SRD, just start getting your monthly payments in your account.

Why my SRD grant is declined?

Sometimes SASSA highlights the reason for the decline of the SRD grant and sometimes it doesn’t, if it doesn’t then you have to figure out yourself why your grant is rejected and proceed to appeal or reapply.