sassa child support grant

SASSA Child Support Grant

The SASSA has promised to take financial responsibility for children that belong to low-income families, for this, the government of South Africa has launched the SASSA Child Support Grant system for their nation which is a very positive act by the government as a humanitarian. Now you can check your SASSA status online with just a few clicks.

Before you know more about this program, make sure that SASSA only accepts one application type at a time, Suppose you want to be the recipient of the same scheme then it might not be possible, it is highly dependent on the deserving quota base.

This support is very similar to one of the other support types offered by the SASSA organization. Another similar support of SASSA is the SASSA Foster Child Grant, please read about these supports carefully before you go for actually applying for these grants.

If you are the one and only caretaker of a South African child, be it a parent by blood, grandparent, or anyone with primary genetic relation or caregiving responsibilities, you can easily verify the status of the SASSA Child Support Grant online on his/her behalf. Here’s a step-wise guide to help you with the process.

Check Status For SASSA Child Support

Steps For SASSA Child Grant Status Check

  • Access the SASSA status-checking platform at Using your smartphone or computer laptop.
  • Input the South African ID Number of the child’s parent, guardian, or primary caregiver in the required field by the system.
  • Type in the mobile phone number linked to the Child Support Grant application. Make sure you do not make any mistake.
  • Do click on the ‘Submit’ button to transmit your request to our database and it will pop your information on the screen.
  • The digital web portal will then handle your application for the Child Support Grant status.
  • Subsequently, you will receive the status results for your children’s grant application right on your screen within seconds.


Please note that the authorities have elevated the Child Support Grant to R500 due to increased inflation in the world, and there are plans for it to receive an additional boost of R250 in both 2023 and 2024. This increment surely aims to provide more financial assistance and support to eligible National recipients in those years.

Eligibility Criteria for SASSA Child Support Grant

To get successful approval of this grant, you must be fulfilling the following eligibility criteria points. If a single criterion missing from these, you may face rejection in your grant approval.

sassa child support eligibility criteria
eligibility criteria for child support grant
  • The deserving child must be a national citizen of South Africa.
  • Guardian of the child must be a primary caregiver or guardian and must be proved through documentation.
  • If the primary guardian is single, his/her monthly income must not be more than R4000, in the case of a married couple, the income should not be more than R8000 combined on a monthly basis.

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Why I am unable to receive SASSA Child Granmt?

There could be certain reasons for not receiving the SASSA child grant. It could be due to the reason that you are already receiving the grants, you are the caretaker of the child for which you have applied or not in any relation to him/her, and last but not least you might appear suspicious in the record.

How much amount will be paid for the SASSA Child Grant from the authority?

The child support grant is currently R500 per child on a monthly basis, and you can choose between cash payouts or bank deposits accordingly. Bank charges apply, and you can change the payment method with a one-month waiting period. Please make sure SASSA itself doesn’t charge any type of public or hidden fee from any of its recipients.

In what circumstances, this child support can be stopped?

Only specific reasons can be the cause of stopping this support to the deserving child, like in case the child is deceased, the child isn’t deserving due to other income support of his/her primary blood relation, or the child has left the country, or the guardian has failed to submit all the proof and =documentsn that are officially required by the agency.

After complete processing and approval, when will I start receiving such grants for my child?

After successfully completing all the requirements and submitting the required documents, you will start receiving the finances on monthly schedules that are announced officially by the board of directors of the scheme.

How much grant for child support?

If the child gets successful approval for this grant, he/she should be receiving R510 on a monthly basis.

If you have questions, feel free to contact the South African Social Security Agency (SASSA) for details regarding:

  1. For Monthly Payment schedules.
  2. The Eligibility criteria for government grants to Nationals or deservings.
  3. Addresses and contact information of district offices.
  4. Help with your application.
  5. For reporting fraud or misconduct or any kind of illegal activity you notice regarding this..
  6. You can reach them at their official toll-free main office helpline: 0800 601 011 or via email at [email protected].

SASSA Status Check

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