sassa payment for august

SASSA Payment Dates for August 2024

Updated SASSA payment for august has been officially disclosed for all beneficiary types. You can check here the payment dates for your grant and collect timely from ATMs.

On the official SASSA payment dates, you must be at your related payment point to receive your SASSA payment, we advise you to fix any issue if you’re facing with your card or bank account before the pay day.

In case there is an issue in your card; like if your card is expired or your bank account is halted due to any other reason, you’ll not be able to collect your payment.

SASSA Pay Days for August 2024

To collect your payments for August month safely and soundly, you can visit your payment point a day after the release date of payment, in this way you can avoid traffic and rush of other beneficiaries at ATMs.

Old Age Grant2 August 2024
Disability Grant3 August 2024
Other SASSA Grants4 August 2024
sassa payment for august

You must be aware that SASSA don’t disburse all its payments for all grants on the same date to avoid rush and CHAOS in the country.

august weekend payments will be processed on upcoming workdays

SASSA Payment Amounts

SASSA has allocated different grant amounts for almost all the grant types it’s offering, as a continued beneficiary or as a new applicant, you must know the amount of a specific SASSA grant.

Child Support GrantR480
Care Dependency GrantR1990
Foster Child GrantR1070
War Veterans GrantR2010
Old Age GrantR1990
Disability GrantR1990

As a new applicant, you must choose the best suitable grant for yourself or the grant to which your eligibility and criteria meets best, you can’t change any grant of your choice, as you must meet the SASSA criteria.

Once your grant is officially approved by SASSA, you won’t change the grant amount by making an appeal to SASSA or by using any other means because SASSA policy does not allows this.

SASSA Status Check

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