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SASSA Card Activation | How to Activate New SASSA Card

Some people find it difficult to renew their SASSA card in case got a new one in replacement of a expired SASSA card or a damaged card. We’ve complete guide on how you can activate a new SASSA card.

Before you know details about this, make sure if your card is working fine, you don;t need to activate your existing card. You only need to activate your card only once after you get a new one or in replacement of your older card.

If your SASSA card declines, this can be due to many other reasons which you’ve to figure and solve out yourself, in such cases you don;t usually have to activate your card from scratch.

In most of the cases you only have to activate your SASSA card when you got a new one, here is how to renew your SASSA card.

SASSA Card Activation Process

SASSA card activation process is really simple and straightforward for which you don’t have to be very technical. 

Before you head towards activation after receiving your new card, make sure every necessary detail on your new card is correct, like your name and expiry, if you see any misprinting, quickly report to SASSA using WhatsApp number or official email. Here’s how to activate your card.

how to activate sassa card
how to activate sassa card
  • Visit any ATM which SASSA accepts with your new card.
  • Insert your card into the ATM machine and wait for processing, when you insert a new card first time, the ATM takes a little more time in processing and initiating its connection with the database.
  • After inserting your card, a button on screen will automatically appear as ‘Set PIN ‘tap this button and it will redirect you to PIN setup window on ATM screen.
  • Simply set your 4 digit PIN and press ‘OK’ or ‘confirm’ button.
  • After confirming, you’ll receive an SMS on your phone about the confirmation of your new PIN.
  • You’re all done with your card activation, it will be activated with a hour, but in some cases it can also take upto 24 hours, so be ready for it.

Always choose a easy to remember 4 digit PIN for your card, and don’t share this with anyone nor your card number or it will be prone to unethical usage on the internet.

When to Renew SASSA Card

It is always compulsory to renew your card if its expires on an annual basis. But there are also some worst cases like if your card is lost or stollen, in such cases you’ve to immediately report to SASSA by writing a SASSA affidavit for the lost card.

When you write a affidavit for your lost or stollen card which may take a police station report as a requirement for an effective affidavit, it shows your authenticity and ensures safety of you as SASSA’s beneficiary.

You can also renew card, if you have broke this in your pocket or due to other reason. It is always recommended to kep your SASSA card in safe place, or if you want to keep it in your pocket, always use the pocket leather card holder, it ensures the technical safety of your card.

If you have your card broken, you don’t need to go through the affidavit process or reporting SASSA, in this case you only have to bring your broken card to report it at the counter when you physically visit for its renewal.

You may also have to renew your card if you haven’t used your SASSA account, in this case SASSA might put your account on hold or block your account and declare your account as dormant account.

As a dormant account your all services relate to your SASSA grant may stop working, and if you want to re-use your SASSA card, you’ve to renew its and activate to use it.

Another case is, if you’ve unblocked your SASSA card after a blockage due to any reason, in this case you may also have to follow card activation process as ATMs might consider it as a new card after it’s unblocked.


Is it necessary to activate my SASSA card?
Yes, to use your card to withdraw your money, it’s necessary to activate your card.

Can I activate my SASSA card online while staying at home?
No, to activate it, you must have to visit your local ATM machine, there is no such service yet announced by SASSA that allows you to activate your card by staying at home.

What important information do I need to have in my hand to activate my SASSA card?
There is no such important detail or document you’ve to take with your for card activation, you just need your valid card with you for activation.

How do I know if my SASSA card activation was successful?
You may receive a SMS on your SASSA registered phone number after successful SASSA card activation, you can try a transaction using your card to ensure it’s activation.  

Is there a time limit for activating my SASSA card after receiving it?
No, there is no limit, but you should activate as soon as possible after receiving your card to use SASSA card services.

Can I activate my SASSA card through the SASSA mobile app?
SASSA cards and almost all ATM cards are only built to work with ATM machine, so you have to visit ATM machine to activate it, there is no such service introduced that allows you card activation through any smartphone app.

Can I check my grant status without activating my card?
Absolutely Yes, you can perform SASSA status check if your card isn’t activated or blocked.

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