sassa payment for january

SASSA Grant Payment Dates for January 2024

The SASSA payment dates for January disturb a little bit in the grant receiving schedules of many beneficiaries due to start of the month that includes many traditional or new year holidays.

As the official statement from SASSA releases, we keep updating here on a timely basis to inform you about the important information regarding new year pay days. If you’re a new SASSA beneficiary, we recommend you to keep track of pay days for your grant to save yourself from any inconvenience.

SASSA Pay Days for January 2024

We advise you to collect your timely payments from your bank account you’ve registered with SASSA. If you collect your payment the next day or after 24 hours of official disbursement, you’ll be getting your payment smoothly because the systems usually get busy on the first day.

Old Age Grant3 January 2024 
Disability Grant4 January 2024
Child Support Grant5 January 2024
sassa payment for january
january weekend payments will be processed on upcoming workdays

SASSA Payment Amounts 

As you know SASSA pays different payment amounts for each grant type it offers. Some new beneficiaries might get surprised to know that SASSA, according to local economics of South Africa, keeps changing the grant amount to make it easy for everyone to easily meet monthly expenses.

Child Support GrantR480
Care Dependency GrantR1990
Foster Child GrantR1070
War Veterans GrantR2010
Old Age GrantR1990
Disability GrantR1990

You must be very aware while choosing and applying for the SASSA grant, because all grant offered by SASSA are very different in their payment amounts and also a little bit different in providing requirements when applying.

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