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How to Get Proof Of Income From SASSA

It can be a case sometimes for SASSA beneficiaries to obtain proof of income from SASSA that can be required for many purposes. Getting income proof from the SASSA agency isn’t a complex task.

You can get one easily online by just performing some clicks on your computer or phone engaging with the SASSA official website. The required thing to get income proof from SASSA is you must be a SASSA beneficiary otherwise you won’t be able to get one.

Remember, getting income proof is completely different thing from SASSA income criteria in which your income criteria is judged to see the eligibility of grant.

Steps to Get Income Proof from SASSA

To get proof of income successfully from SASSA you just need to follow the given steps as it is.

How to Get Proof Of Income From SASSA
  • Open new window on your computer or clear cache, and open SASSA official site
  •  See the menu on top and press ‘My SASSA’ button.
  • Use your registered ID number (South African) and Phone number to login your SASSA account.
  • After login, press ‘details’ button and then press ‘My Details button in the dropdown.
  • A PDF document will start downloading on your device in which you can find your income proof details.
  • If you’re using smartphone this PDF file can be found in file manager, or if you’re using computer, you can find it in downloads or documents folder. If you face difficulty finding, you can press Cntrl + F on your computer and type SASSA and you will find it.

If you’re a SASSA beneficiary of any grant, you can use our facility to check your grant status to see the details of your grant.

For More Information:

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