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SASSA Links | Solution To Your Potential Problems

Every continued beneficiary or a person who is thinking of applying for a SASSA grant in the future somehow faces problems in the journey due to a a bit of increased complexity in SASSA procedures.

SASSA continuously improving its system to ensure that its money goes to only needy people in South Africa. So these complexities are for the safety of beneficiaries, and not to dishearten them.

We are writing this article in which we’ve discussed the potential problems that a beneficiary faces in its journey with SASSA, not only this, but we’ve also provided links to solutions to these problems.

If you’re a continued beneficiary of SASSA, you can look into your application at SASSA status check, this doesn’t only tell the current status of your grant application, but you can also find out many issues with your application if there is any.

Problems Related to SASSA and Their Solutions

The first and foremost problem for any person planning to apply for a grant is to know how he/she can apply for a grant, you can see the complete guide on it at SASSA online application.

  • Problem 1: applying for a grant and seeing rejection in return is pretty normal and part of this journey, if you’re one facing this you can see these two solutions for this either by following SASSA appeal OR SASSA reapplication. Some people after applying realize that there is a mistake in their application form or have provided a wrong detail, this can be solved by updating the application.
  • Problem 2: There is a huge population of SASSA applicants who’ve applied for a grant, but when they enter their ID number and phone number, they see no pay dates with approval status. You can learn more about this at SASSA approved but no pay dates.
  • Problem 3: A great number of beneficiaries, due to any serious problem may see suspension in their grant, if the problem isn’t very serious the problem can be solved, but for this, you’ve to figure out the problem and take necessary action, for this, you can visit here.
  • Problem 4: this might not be a problem, but a need for many continued beneficiaries to change or edit the banking details in their application. You can do this super easily, to do so visit change SASSA banking details. A very similar to problem is changing phone numbers, see at SASSA change phone number.
  • Problem 5: SASSA cards are most useful and handy these days for beneficiaries, but cardholders do face a very common problems like renewing or replacing their cards, you can solve these by visiting how to renew SASSA cards OR how to replace SASSA cards.
  • Problem 6: a mass number may lose their SASSA card once in their lifetime, not a big deal, just visit to know how can you deal with SASSA lost card, you may have to write an affidavit for SASSA.
  •  In this timeframe many people want to withdraw their money but have no card, this can be considered in such a case how to withdraw money without SASSA card, you might not know, but you can also withdraw money using OTP.
  • Problem 7: not a problem, but a problem-like situation, most cardholders after receiving a card don’t know how to activate their card, you can tackle this by how to activate SASSA card.
  • Problem 8: some beneficiaries may face a problem while traveling of having no internet access, in this situation, a beneficiary can check SASSA status on WhatsApp.

These are some common and potential problems that SASSA beneficiaries face in their lifetime. We will be updating this page as we find the solutions to some other or new problems that beneficiaries face.

For more related information or any related problems to your SASSA grant or application, you can visit our sitemap.

Final Thoughts

The purpose we’ve creating the SASSA link page is to highlight some potential problems, so you can solve your all problems by yourself without calling a third person to solve them for you. This will not only minimize the chances of scams but also make you more knowledged about the matter. The SASSA link page will be regularly updated as we find some new problems with beneficiaries or applicants.

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