how to replace sassa card

How To Replace SASSA Card

SASSA Card replacement is another thing that you may perform after having a certain problem with your SASSA card like your card is damaged inside the parcel when it reaches your home.

Replacing a card is a different problem than a lost card, you’ve to specify different causes for these problems to SASSA to get your card replaced.

In case of replacement, you may not have to write an affidavit like you normally do after a card is lost.

You can also replace your card if your card is expired which is an easy process for which you only have to visit your nearest SASSA office or postbank, where you’ve to show your expired card simply.

But what if you’ve received your new card in a parcel at your home and you find it damaged or misprinted expiry dates on its back or misprinted your name? If this is the case you might not be able to use your card at any ATM to withdraw your money.

A quick solution for this is, that you can use other payment methods that SASSA allows to receive SASSA money.

How To Replace a SASSA Card

We assume that you’ve applied for a new SASSA card and recently received your new card in a parcel but found misprinted dates or the wrong cardholder’s name. Following are some practical ways you can perform your get your card replaced in a few days or a week.

procedure to replace sassa card
follow these steps to replace your card
  • Contact SASSA Support Team: you can contact the SASSA team using their official landline number or WhatsApp number. Keep in mind you can only get some information using this, for a proper card replacement, you’ve to go out of your home and visit the post office.
  • Report Issue: Visit the post office with the damaged or misprinted card you’ve received and initiate your query at the reception counter.
  • Provide Details: Provide your personal details same as provided in your SASSA application, and also show the misprinting on your card.
  • Visit SASSA Office: you can also visit any nearest SASSA office, but this doesn’t work every time, the person assisting you at the office may only insist on you in this regard and not solve your whole problem. 
  • Fill Out Request Application/Letter: to look more professional and educated, you can write an application or letter on a simple plain page to express your problem, this looks a more attractive approach when you’ve to deal with government organizations in South Africa.
  • Provide Other Documents as Identity Proofs: don’t forget to bring your identity documents with you, these documents should be the same as you’ve attached with your application at the time of applying for the SASSA grant.
  • Wait For Processing: don’t show that you’re in a hurry at any step, wait for your query to be processed in SASSA for replacement.
  • Receive New Card and Activate: after completing the query resolution and card replacement, your new card with correction will arrive at your doorstep through the parcel.

After receiving a replaced card, you may have to follow the same steps for activation as you perform for a new card.

SASSA Gold Card Replacement 

Replacing your gold card isn’t rocket science nor it requires any special task to be performed to get your gold card replaced by SASSA.

If you’re a SASSA gold card holder, you have to follow just above told steps to replace your card, all the steps above for replacing your card require very minimal energy and time when you bring your proper documented proof with you to complain for the card replacement.

Rest methods for the SASSA gold card are the same as the normal card. In simpler words, a card replacement is a changing of an abnormal card with a normal one.


Where can I replace my SASSA card?
At any post office branch, you can replace your card without any hassle.

Can I replace my lost SASSA card at the post office?
You can replace your SASSA card at any post office branch or Postbank in South Africa, you may not be able to perform actions related to your SASSA card with any other organization than Post Office. 

How long does it take to replace a sassa card?
There is no exact answer to this question, but typically a card replacement can vary according to the workload of the SASSA workers, if you’ve applied for a card replacement, it will normally a 1-2 weeks for replacement.

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