how sassa improving lives of south africans

How SASSA Improving Lives of South Africans

Many people think SASSA is merely a money distributor organization that gives its money to middle-class or lower-middle-class people in South Africa who can’t afford their monthly expenses.

SASSA is more than this, at the time it was started back in 2005, there is no doubt that it was a simple organization built to give money to local people. 

Later as SASSA became a huge success and popularity, it proved itself a true humanitarian and philanthropic organization that has helped its beneficiaries in other aspects also.

From its launch, there were very few SASSA offices in South Africa, later SASSA expanded its office network in major cities to facilitate its people.

But SASSA isn’t limited to just here, as information technology has popularity and understanding in South Africa, SASSA has launched its automated systems in their offices to facilitate the public.

Recently in 2020, the SASSA status check was reported to be the first online service openly accessible to the public to see the details of their grant application.

With this SASSA also launched its online banking system that works similarly to other online banks and is also cooperative with other banks, you can use an SASSA card in a regular public ATM which shows your balance the way it shows for other banks.

If we talk a little bit about the internal system or how SASSA processes an application of an applicant, then SASSA has a very easy approval for grants until the beneficiary shows transparency to the SASSA approval team with matching criteria.

How SASSA Playing Part in the Lives of Millions Other Than Grants

Other than just giving public grants, the following are some areas in which SASSA has impacted positively to a great extent.

  • SASSA application: the online application by SASSA, got huge popularity in recent years when SASSA came out with a word of mouth SASSA online. After his amazing facility, people started applying for grants by sitting at the ease of their homes.
  • Appeal: The SASSA appeal is an amazing thing that also made people’s lives easier, as after the release of this facility people don’t have to do a lot of work when reapplying for a grant. A large number of people prefer an appeal first before they use the reapplication facility by SASSA. This not only saves time of applicants but also manages to register the application details in the SASSA verification team’s mind which ultimately increases the chance of approval.
  • With regular grants, SASSA has proved itself an organization that also has focused on some special needs of old age, like its old age homes program and its grants for old age people.
  • SASSA Card: The Sassa card is very much natural and has the working principles same as other regular ATM or Debit cards. SASSA beneficiaries don’t have to learn specifically to use SASSA cards.

These are some potential benefits that SASSA gives to its beneficiaries that add value to people’s lives.

Final Thoughts

Apart from these benefits, if you compare some other grant schemes in South Africa with SASSA, we can give you surety that SASSA has amazing benefits on the table that other financial schemes might not give. The SASSA’s secure banking system is its brand value for needy South Africans.

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