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SASSA SRD Biometric Identification 

Due to an increased surge in the fraudulent activities SASSA and Postbbank have noticed in recent days with their online or digital systems, SASSA now introduced a biometric verification system for beneficiaries to ensure their safety of money.

Now new SRD grant applicants have to complete biometric verification as a mandatory step before they actually get approval for the grant.

But what about ongoing beneficiaries? If you’re a continued beneficiary of any SASSA grant, you don;t have to do anything unless you have any problem with your grant application, like referred status, or suspension of grant.

If you dig into such a problem, then you may have to go through biometric identification and verification.

Note that for this new verification, you may have to visit the SASSA office as this service isn’t yet available online. For detailed information about this, you can directly contact to SASSA using this number 0800601011.

You can also contact SASSA on their official WhatsApp number, it will be more casual and easy for you to get information on this matter directly. You can use this number as a WhatsApp contact and ask your query, here is the official WA number 

Please note that SASSA has officially announced that it is obligatory for the beneficaries with the following problmes wiht thei grant application to get engaged with biometric identification in order to get their problems sorted.

  • Beneficiaries who’re currently facing referred status.
  • People who want to update their banking details OR Phone number.
  • Beneficiaries want to get paid through Cash Send or any recognized third-party app or payment system.
  • Other similar things that sound sensitive will require biometric verification now.

How SASSA Biometric Verification Works

Every biometric identification or verification must involve human body part interaction with the digital systems, this is why it is called a biometric verification or identification.

In the case of SASSA biometric identification, SASSA collects the facial sample through scanning under highly advanced machines that use high-tech lenses to capture biological facial expressions.

Facial biometric verification do also sometimes include eye scanning which is also a type of biometric verification, but SASSA hasn’t disclosed in any of its speech that it also considers the eye scan due to confidentiality.

Benefits of Biometric Verification by SASSA

  • Your grant money will be in safer hands even if they are online in the banking system.
  • SASSA will have more control over the processing of your money in the account, in this way they will be more aware of the fraudulent activities going online with your funds.
  • In simpler words, no other person than you will be able to make any transaction with your money.
  • In a worst-case scenario, if your money got stolen online even after biometric verification, it will be easier to track for SASSA to take any legal action.
  • Biometric recognition systems are highly sensitive to the details of a specific person, so don’t worry it won’t be fool-proofed.

Some Precautions 

Following are some important points that you should be aware of while dealing with biometric verification of SASSA.

  1. Only you as a beneficiary or a recipient can present yourself in the biometric verification system, you can’t choose someone on your behalf not even your close blood relation.
  2. When you visit for a biometric identification with SASSA, bring your necessary documents with you.
  3. After a biometric verification, regularly check SASSA status of your application to stay updated.

Final Thoughts

We recommend that for the safety of your SASSA funds and even the safety of your reputation in SASSA’s eyes as well as in the eyes of society to get biometric verification done by official interaction with SASSA.

For More Information:

Call: 0800601011
WA: 0820468553
Email: [email protected]

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