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SASSA Referred Status | How to Solve SRD Referred Status

No matter what type of SASSA grant you are applying for, it is pretty much obvious to face SASSA-referred status problems in your grant application approval journey, but there is no need to worry about this.

Yes, this is a little problem many SASSA applicants face, but it can be solved by patience and some of your minutes. You don’t have to hire any third-party advisor or consultant to walk you through this situation, you can solve it on your own within a matter of some time.

The indication of referred status is very prominent and simple to identify, you see a highlighted referred status when you enter your details like phone number and ID to check your SASSA status.

SASSA Referred Status Meaning

SASSA referred status typically means that the SASSA authentication team has held your application for further authentication and verification of your details. This period normally lasts for 90 days sometimes more.

During this time period, the SASSA team ensures your details and your financial status to check whether you are actually a deserving person of the specific grant. In this time frame, SASSA may check your other dealings with organizations like SASSA or financial schemes. 

They also check your national assets and taxation details in the documentation of other government bodies to check your other income sources or businesses from which you are receiving any income. It’s very similar to SASSA means test which they conduct for verification.

Possible Reasons for SASSA Referred Status

When SASSA is holding your application for further processing, it doesn’t always mean that you did something wrong. Due to a huge number of applicants, SASSA sometimes has duplication of details in their database due to which it sometimes happens.

possible reasons for srd status referred status
reasons for referred sassa status

In case you did something wrong, there is no need to worry about it, SASSA will surely notify you about the problem around 90 days of the time period. Let’s look at some possible reasons why you are facing referred status.

Missing Any Document

SASSA doesn’t compromise on documentation submission, you have to submit all the documents with your application for approval, otherwise, SASSA might take additional time and show you the referred status.

In this case, you may have to provide the missing document to SASSA after they inform you to update your SASSA application.

Duplication of Name

Sometimes there might be other applicants with the same first and second name as yours which creates problems for SASSA professionals for authentications leads to referred status. 

This kind of problem isn’t due to your mistake it pops due to a large number of applications and population in South Africa, be patient it will be solved by the SASSA team themselves.

Missing or Wrong Phone Number or ID

You might face a referred status if you have submitted the wrong phone number or ID card number or left the field empty while applying. Be aware that providing all your numerical or alphabetical details is case-sensitive so there is no chance of a mistake, always be correct and specific in providing such details.

Multiple Application Submitted

While submitting your application if you have submitted your application multiple times by providing different details in different applications might show referred status. Such a case will not only show the referred status but also lead to the rejection of your application.

Inappropriate Activity

In the case SASSA identifies any inappropriate or any type of fraudulent activity, you might get referred status on your side. In this case, SASSA might not notify you about the problem and simply reject your application.

Confirmation Delay

If SASSA finds or gets any clue about your healthy assets or other income sources above the threshold, the team might get some more time to further investigate your income or assets through different sources which may lead to referred status by holding your application for more time in the hands of SASSA professionals.

Banking Details Change

If you are trying to change your SASSA banking details and provide any wrong account details or details of someone else’s account, you might face the referred status problem.

Similar to this it can also happen if you are applying for new SASSA card after losing your SASSA card and submitting the wrong details at the counter.

How to Solve SASSA Referred Status Problem

  • In case SASSA priorly notified you about the actual problem with your application, then you have to simply correct the problem you created while applying.
  • If SASSA doesn’t notify you of the problem, you can contact the SASSA team using their official number 0800601011 or their official email as [email protected], you can also contact them directly using SASSA’s official WhatsApp number 0820468553.
  • Before actually applying for SASSA online application, be sure you perform each and every step correctly to save yourself from seeing the referred status.


Can I reapply for SASSA if, for a serious reason, I am facing a referred status issue?
Yes, you can apply again as many times as you can if you think everything is right from your side.

How can I avoid facing SASSA referred status?
It is always good to apply for SASSA with proper research and always provide you with complete documentation with correct details to avoid this issue.

What does referred mean on SASSA status check?
There is no specific reason that you’re seeing referred at your side, see above for possible problems that can create this issue on your end.

For more information

Call: 0800601011
Email: [email protected]

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