how do i qualify for a sassa grant

How Do I Qualify for a SASSA Grant

There are certain factors and eligibility criteria that will tell you whether you’re a deserving person for a SASSA grant or whether you qualify for a specific grant to receive a monthly payment.

In this guide, we’ll be explaining to you how you can be eligible for a grant. Before you go further in detail, be mindful that not every grant is designed for everyone, you have to read all the requirements of grants before you perform SASSA online application facility.

One more important thing for you: if you’re here after facing a rejection of a grant application, you can also use SASSA appeal option. Every time you use the appeal facility by SASSA< you’ve to improve the requirements to increase the chances of approval.

How Do I Qualify for a SASSA Grant Steps to Remember

The very first and basic thing to keep in mind is to self-analyze your financial status and note where you stand in such terms.

  • Choose Grant: after self-analyzing your financial status, see each grant that SASSA offers to its citizens and choose specifically one that suits you the best. Suppose, you’re a mother of children and want financial support for your children, you might be interested in SASSA Child Support Grant.
  • Check Criteria and Eligibility: after choosing a grant that suits you best, now see all the requirements that need to be fulfilled before you go for applying to that grant.
  • Collect Requirements: By looking into the eligibility criteria of a grant, you will come to know what particular documents or proofs you need to make an application for that grant. While collecting the documents of proof, be calm.
  • Go for Apply: Collect all the documents or requirements that a grant needs or the grant you’re interested in, or for applying, you can choose both applying online in which you can use the official SASSA portal or WhatsApp option. If you’re not interested in any of these, you can go to any official SASSA offices and ask them about your grant interest, and they will guide you better there.
  • Show Transparency: we always encourage our users to show transparency while applying for a grant or showing details to SASSA. This tremendously increases your chances of approval.
  • Keep an eye on Status: after applying for a grant, you can regularly check your grant status to see the status of your grant application, you can also perform this step to see many other details related to your grant.


Can I hire an agent to do all the work on my behalf for a grant?
You can if you find an expert, but it’s always not recommended from our side, we recommend you to do your own research and apply for the grant yourself.

Can I appeal to SASSA multiple times?
Yes, you can appeal to SASSA multiple times if you get rejected multiple times.

Is it possible to get approval for a grant in one go?
Yes, if you carefully read the requirements of the grant for which you’re going to apply and you successfully complete the requirements and criteria. The most important factor that can lead to successful approval of your application in the first time is showing transparency.

SASSA Status Check

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