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Tips for Appealing to SASSA | Strategies for Positive Results

There is no doubt that SASSA always cares for its beneficiaries due to its presence as a humanitarian agency with the goal of social development in the country. It’s very common that people applying for a grant may face rejection due to many untold reasons.

If you’re one of the people who faced rejection after proceeding with SASSA online application, here we’ve discussed important points that you must keep in mind next time you opt for SASSA appeal after a decline or rejection.

Before you go for an appeal, make sure the purpose of the appeal or how you want to make an appeal to SASSA, whether you do not agree with the decision of rejection that the agency has made. 

This process is basically an appealing request to the SASSA team to make a review to your application. Also, mind it, you will be only suitable for an appeal if you’re not mistaken on your side and provide each and every detail or requirement that SASSA needs correctly.

Tips for Appeal to Get Positive Results

If you haven’t proceeded with the appeal, make sure to read each and every point very carefully in order to get your application approved in the first appeal.

  • Don’t Late for Appeal: after you see your application is denied, don’t wait too long to make an appeal. Remember that SASSA only provides you a 30-day period for appeal after rejection. Make sure you appeal quickly within this timeframe. A quick appeal gives a good impression to the person handling appeals at SASSA.
  • Read Objection Clearly: after rejection in most cases, SASSA writes an objection letter to your address in which they state the actual reason due to which your grant application is rejected. Thoroughly read each and every detail written in the rejection letter to better craft your appeal. Highlight the reason and improve your application from that point.
  • Appealing Appeal: in your appeal, be very clear and concise: highlight the reason for rejection and then use your words of appeal you should use clear words, an optimistic tone, and choose your words of appeal very carefully.
  • Wait Patiently: after you complete the appeal process within the 30-period timeframe that SASSA gives after rejection, wait patiently, In the meantime you can check your status to see the details of your appeal or application.
  • Seek Help: you can seek help from authorized professionals who are really experts in this matter OR you can also seek help from a person who is actively receiving a grant from SASSA and knows well about the agency procedures. We always recommend doing it yourself after researching from the internet on the matter. You can also get help from SASSA by calling the officials using WhatsApp or Toll-free.

Final Thoughts

Following such points you will be more near to the grant approval. Make sure every time you appeal you follow these points carefully. Keeping in mind the timeframe for appeal do your best homework and research on the things before you actually press the button of appeal.

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