sassa food parcel application form

SASSA Food Parcel Application Form

SASSA food parcels are also one of the best initiatives SASSA has taken in recent years to help the South African community living under the poverty line. Like all SASSA grants, this offers free value in the shape of food to the people of the country.

The SASSA food parcel application form can be filled out to achieve approval of monthly free food parcels that include basic food necessities packaged in a parcel. The parcel is a ration pack with different household items that a house needs monthly.

Keep in mind food parcel application is different from SASSA online application for grants, but you’ve to achieve the eligibility criteria for approval of your monthly SASSA food parcels.

How to Apply for SASSA Food Parcels

Applying for a food parcel using the SASSA food parcel application form is simple and straightforward which requires a few steps and requirements from your side, follow the given steps below to apply.

Apply for Food Parcel Offline/Physically.

  • Visit your nearest official SASSA office, we recommend you not hire any third party for the fulfillment of this purpose.
  • Ask for SASSA food parcel application form from the help desk at the office. 
  • Don’t forget to bring your ID card document, Phone number, and documents of proof for low income.
  • Now fill out the pre-formatted application form with the correct details, and fill each and every requirement on the form, also attach a photocopy of the required documents with the form.
  • Now simply submit the form at the relevant desk and wait for approval. You will be notified through SMS and email when approved successfully.

How to Apply for SASSA Food Parcels Online

  • Talk to the SASSA team related to food parcels on the SASSA WhatsApp number
  • Ask them if you’re interested in having monthly food parcels, and they’ll guide you further.
  • They can also provide you application form through WhatsApp.

Keep in mind, that SASSA only delivered food parcels for a limited period. Also, don’t believe in the news for SASSA vouchers. For better and more authentic information, try to contact SASSA using WhatsApp.

Eligibility Criteria for Food Parcels

There are only a few eligibility criteria that must be fulfilled to get food parcels from the agency.

  • The applicant must be a legal South African resident holding a national ID card.
  • You must have a registered phone number.
  • The monthly income must be lower than R624, it must be proved through documentation and proofs.
  • Applicant must not be getting any other aid type from SASSA than old age homes form pensioners.

For more information related to your grant, you can use our tool to see check your SASSA status which requires only your ID number and phone number.


Who qualifies for sassa food parcels?

If you fulfill the criteria of having a South African ID card, phone number, and low-income proof, you should be qualifying for food parcel support.

SASSA food parcel contact number?

You can contact any SASSA number of WhatsApp number for any type of information related to food parcels.

Does SASSA give food parcels?

There is no doubt that SASSA delivered food parcels during riots, for more information you contact them.

SASSA Status Check

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    1. hi, Food parcels particularly delivered in Covid days, please call and confirm from the related person 0800601011, if you’re unable to get one, you can see other suitable SASSA grants for you.

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