digital literacy for sassa beneficiaries

Digital Literacy for SASSA Beneficiaries

In today’s date, digital literacy is an important aspect for all new and old beneficiaries of SASSA due to the integration of digital technologies SASSA made in its systems.

You might not know, but this is a fact that SASSA is now working smarter than other organizations and almost 90-95% of its operations are technology-oriented.

From processing SASSA online application at their end to SASSA status check at the user or beneficiary end, all things are technology-assisted.

I’ll be discussing here the importance of digital literacy, or why every SASSA beneficiary should be knowledgeable enough to sue technology for sel assistancy when dealing with SASSA.

Why Digital Literacy is Important

Here are some important things after reading to which you’ll be able to figure out why digital literacy is important for beneficiaries these days.

Suppose a person who’s technology-phobic and wants to check SRD status and has no time to check using the traditional ways. In such a case persons like this won’t know how to use the internet or technology and will not be able to check.

Similarly, if a person who wants to apply for benefits using SASSA application and still doesn’t know how to use the internet technology, he/she will be exhausted at the point of making an account with SASSA.

A very related case to this is the SASSA appeal, this is a reality that most of people now use online appeals to appeal to SASSA, this not only saves time and resources for SASSA but also saves so much of the beneficiaries.

How to be Digitally Literate Specifically for SASSA Work

There isn’t rocket science in learning to deal with SASSA online or through digital technology, this works the same way as other thing needs practice and research on oneself. However, the following are some simple steps that you can follow to learn about the digital operations of SASSA.

The most popular thing that South African people or SASSA beneficiaries do on the internet is check their application status, this isn’t a tough task. You only need to know how to type and press enter button of your divide, that device can be your laptop computer or your smartphone.

Simply enter your ID card number in the first field and your phone number in the second field and press enter, your details will be shown to you.

The second most famous thing is applying online for a grant, this is a little bit tricky, but our main goal of this article isn’t to show you how to apply, you can read our guide on this in detail.

So how you can be technology literate? Need no highphi books or courses that teach you on the matter.

Only remember this rule, For anything or any word that is new to you, type the word in Google with an extra word ‘meaning’ you will be clear about that word within a minute, like SASSA means test meaning.

Similarly, if you want to learn anything practical, go to YouTube, and type How to do this or How to do that etc, like how to change SASSA banking details.

These simple rules will not only help you with your technical journey with SASSA for a grant but also will help you in other matters of life for sure.


only remember these skills of searching for anything on Google for theoretical and YouTube for practical.

Don’t panic to deal with any technology, these are made to lower the efforts of human, and even made by humans like us.

Final Thoughts

Keep learning about useful information related to SASSA at and keep helping yourself and others around you who are in dire need of grants in these tough times.

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