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SASSA Status Pending | Reasons for Pending Status

SASSA status pending can happen to you due to many reasons that can be the fault of or maybe from the backend of SASSA. We have discussed all the common reasons due to which it can happen to you.

Before you check for the reasons for pending status, keep in mind this is not as serious to be unsolvable, you can figure it out yourself by looking at the reasons most commonly seen to create this situation.

Also keep in mind that most of the time it’s not a problem that should be solved, it happens because your application is in the processing phase.

Reasons for SASSA Status Pending

You only have to worry about this situation if this message is constantly being shown on your screen for a long otherwise it will vanish. Here are some common reasons due to which pending status can happen to you.

reasons for sassa status pending
reasons why Sassa says pending
  • Fresh Application: If you just performed SASSA online application from your computer or mobile phone and checks your SASSA status immediately, it means your application is very fresh and hasn’t yet reached to SASSA team. In this situation keep waiting it will be sorted itself.
  • Unclear Grant: while applying for any SASSA grant like Child support grant, if you haven’t chosen any specific grant for yourself or the grant to which you meet the criteria, then might see pending status on your side.
  • Unclear/Wrong Banking Details: if you’ve provided the wrong banking details in your application or left the field blank, you will face pending status. To solve this, you can change banking details immediately and update your SASSA application.
  • Other Monetary Funds: is SASSA finds your details from any other monetary funds schemes, it can show pending status to you without any prior notice.
  • Healthy Income Identified: most probably this will not give status pending error, but sometimes SASSA takes time to notify for the rejection and shows pending status until.

These are the only very common reasons seen due to which SASSA saying pending to you. Try to avoid such mistakes.

Compulsory Requirements for Successful Approval

The following conditions and requirements must be fulfilled in order to get successful approval for your application.

  • Provide all the details correctly without missing any specific, a single mistake in your ID card and Phone number can create problems for you.
  • Make sure your internet connection is good, a disturbed internet connection can prevent your application not reaching the SASSA database.
  • You must be fulfilling the criteria for the specific SASSA grant you are applying for.
  • Must not be an applicant for any other financial support provided by the South African state government.


How long does SASSA pending status take to be solved?

If everything is done perfectly from your side, this means your application is in process and the problem will be solved itself after some time.

Why is my SASSA status still pending?

If your SASSA status still shows pending, you can reach out to the SASSA team through email [email protected] or by phone number 0800601011. The SASSA team will guide you best in this situation.

What is SRD sassa status check pending?

No matter what grant type is, if it says pending, it means there is a problem whether you’re a SRD grant or child support grant holder.

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