who can claim sassa funeral benefits

Who Can Claim SASSA Funeral Benefits | Do SASSA Offer Funeral Benefits

SASSA hasn’t yet introduced any type of funeral or death benefits for South African citizens, but we don’t claim that there aren’t other organizations offering such grants. If you are specifically looking for funeral benefits you can see South African local insurance companies for assistance of such type.

We also don’t claim whether in future SASSA is going to launch funeral benefits for South Africans. There can be possibilities raised as the board of directors has a meeting together, but still, it’s not confirmed.

SASSA Grants Offerngs

For now, SASSA is only offering the following grants to their citizens which you can check, you can also choose one from such grants accordingly if any suits your requirements.

If you are already a receiver of any SASSA grants from the above, you can perform SASSA status check on our site by just entering your national ID card number and registered phone number.

Suppose we get any news related to a funeral grant by SASSA, we will immediately publish all the information related to that grant, all its criteria, and required things on our site.

For more information:

Call: 0800601011
Email: [email protected]

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