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Cancel SASSA Grant | How to Cancel Any SASSA Grant Online

To cancel the SASSA grant is mandatory if your financial condition is improved due to certain reasons like you have an established business now, you want to apply for a South African government job, or you want to apply for any other financial grant of the state.

As you apply online for any SASSA grant, the SASSA grant cancelation process can also be performed online using just your smartphone or computer which you just have to fill out a cancelation form officially available at the SASSA website.

If you cancel your any SASSA grant due to solid reasons, this will ensure that your grant will be granted to someone more deserving than you, and if you cancel one it will be a faithful act with your state government.

How to Cancel SASSA Grant 

The process to cancel your SASSA grant is a simple process that can be performed in a few steps like other SASSA procedures that are easy to perform. Follow the given steps to make your SASSA grant canceled for you.

steps to cancel sassa grant
steps to cancel your sassa grant
  • Visit the official SASSA website’s page specifically designed for cancellation.
  • Once the page is opened on your screen, provide your ID number and phone number which you provided at the time of registration.
  • After entering your ID number and phone number, press ‘Send Pin’ button given below.
  • In a matter of a minute, you will receive SASSA OTP Number in a SMS on your phone number.
  • After this, provide your OTP code in the next step. After providing this you will be redirected to a new window screen.
  • Search for Cancel My SASSA Grant and press that button.
  • A new window will appear in front of you asking you to confirm cancellation. Press YES to cancel or press Cancel to cancel the cancellation process. 
  • After canceling, you’ll receive a confirmation message on your phone that your application for grant cancellation has been submitted.
  • Once your cancellation is complete you can perform SASSA status check on our site.

Reasons Why to Cancel SASSA Grant

  • You might not get any official government job in South Africa if you are registered and receive any SASSA grant.
  • If you are willing to apply for any other grant provided by the state government like for studying or other financial purposes, you may nopt get approval without canceling you sassa grant.
  • If your financial condition is improved due to your own established business you should cancel the grant.
  • Similarly, if you get a better job than the government, you can cancel the grant, and the grant will be granted to the more deserving than you.


Is the cancellation process different for all grant types?
No it’s not, you have to follow the same procedure for cancellation.

Can I apply for cancellation by going physically at the SASSA office?
Yes, you can cancel your grant by physically going to their office if you don’t want to follow the online procedure. It’s always better to apply for cancellation online, it will save a lot of your time.

If the person receiving the grant is deceased, will the grant be canceled itself?
No, if the person is dead or deceased, the grant payment will keep disbursing on a monthly basis, you have to cancel on his/her behalf following the same procedure.

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  1. I would like to terminate my child grant since my child was residing in the Eastern Cape, but she is now living with me, and my aunt is still receiving the funds.

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