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GovChat SASSA Application | Apply for SASSA Using GovChat Application

As the incorporation of technology rising in South Africa in government sectors, the south African government is working to shift on paperless work operations from the user as well from the server end.

SASSA has also introduced an amazing facility of digitized application as Govchat SASSA application that doesn’t only saves people time, but also save resources of the SASSA team working behind the scenes.

If you’ve heard about SASSA application using Govchat, we’re here to help you learn about this and process your SASSA online application utilizing the help of GovChat app.

Before you get to know about this, its a must thing to know the basics of govchat or what the govchat actually is. Govchat is an online app or a website that connect South African public to the government departments to solve various documentational problems.

SASSA has tie ups with Govchat in recent days that facilitates SASSA applicants to generate queries and get their suitable answers, not only this, almost a 360 approach to SASSA can be performed.

Using this app you can apply for SASSA r350 grant application and for all other grants that SASSA offers to South African residents. Its a new trend accessing SASSA facilities using govchat, but its going extremely popular for people who don;t want to visit SASSA offices in South Africa for their general SASSA queries.

Before you know more about this app, note that this app isn’t a private third party, but a South African Government initiative to provide ease to their public in matters.

How to Apply for SASSA R350 Using GovChat

Applying for a SASSA grant online using GovChat is really simple and easy, but the basic requirements like all other apps in Govchat is that you must sign up before taking any step further.

how to apply for sassa grant using govchat app
how to apply for sassa grant using govchat app
  • Visit Platform: visit the govchat website using this link or download their android or IOS app in your smartphone and signup by making a new account using your email and phone number.
  • Signup: After creating your account, you’ll see options in their interface like SASSA status checking and many others; tap on the SRD registration and you’ll be redirected to the online application form.
  • Look at Requirements: Before you fill the online form, carefully read the requirements and all other details mentioned in the form, check for the requirements that you haven’t with you at the time of application, and arrange all those requirements for a successful application.
  • Fill Form: Fill out the form providing your South African ID number, and a valid or registered phone number and see for other requirements asked in the form and fill those and also provide the documents it asks from you.
  • Different Documents Required: Documentational requirements are a little bit different for all SASSA grants, look at them and provide all documents for that specific you’re applying for.
  • Review application: It is important to cross check all the details you’ve filled in the form and requirements you’ve attached with, look for mistakes or empty spaces and correct them.
  • Final Confirmation: after completing all requirements and finally submitting, you’ll receive a confirmation message on your govchat app and also on your phone number you entered in your application, but the confirmation on your phone might take some more time than the confirmation you receive on your govchat.

Why Use GovChat for SASSA Application

Including SASSA beneficiaries and all other South Africans connected with this app for their governmental purposes, it provides dozens of benefits to them due to its high processing speed and other cutting edge features it provides..

  1. As this app is a South African Government owned app, you don;t need to worry about the privacy of your personal details you provide through this app, the app is under highly trained government professionals who are working day and night to keep this app safe and reliable for people.
  2. The database to which the govchat is connected is completely under the supervision of the government which is getting real time updates, your application details will be updated swiftly with all other details to get into the approval process.
  3.  Your personal documents that are required in the application process through govchat will not go in the hands of any third party.
  4. You can save a lot of your time applying through this app, as you don;t have to physically visit SASSA offices to solve your SASSA related problems.
  5. You don’t have to manage a physical or hard paper file, as the main goal of this application is to provide paperless processes. 
  6. With SASSA services and other government departments, you can use this app and avail their services anytime staying at the ease of your home.
  7. As the government professionals managing this app all the time, you’ll likely to face greater uptime as 99.99%. If the government decides to make any major changes of update the technology of this app, you’ll be notified through SMS before the update actually starts happening.
  8. Due to the technology in which this app is built, it’s highly compatible with all smartphone types like all generations of android and IOS.


Can I check my SASSA grant status using the GovChat app?
Yes, you can check your grant status easily using govchat, open the govchat app or website and search for status checking button, tap on it and provide your ID number and phone number and it will tell you your current grant status.

Is GovChat SASSA owned app?
No, its a Government of South Africa owned website that connect all government departments to public.

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