How to Avoid Scams in Your SASSA Grant Journey

How to Avoid Scams in Your SASSA Grant Journey

Scaming is a rising thing with time as there are more opportunities in the world. Similarly, there is a huge number of people in South Africa who easily get scammed in the name of SASSA grants as SASSA has launched more facilities for beneficiaries.

The major reason for getting scams is illiteracy about SASSA grants and the criteria of the SASSA agency and many other things. It’s advised to thoroughly consume knowledge about SASSA as much as you can before applying or taking any steps as we have discussed everything on sassacheck about this social grant agency to the best of our knowledge and experience.

You can also check your current SASSA status on this platform which just requires your national ID card number registered phone number and some of your minutes to check.

Things to Consider to Avoid Scams 

  • Application process: whether you choose the SASSA online application facility or choose any other method to apply for grant, don’t ever involve any third party between you as an applicant and SASSA as a grant provider in the process.
  • SASSA official centers: if you want any kind of help by going to the official SASSA office, you must go to only officially allocated SASSA offices. If any office as a third party claims that they provide SASSA services then chances are you might get scammed, SASSA has officially published about their operational; and official branches in South Africa.

    For example, if someone outside the SASSA office claims that he/she is an official person of SASSA and can help you with your matters with SASSA don’t believe it.
  • Appeal yourself: if for any reason your application got rejected and someone tells you that he/she can get you successful approval on your behalf or he/she has some personal links with SASSA management, don’t trust because SASSA doesn’t facilitate such type of things in their operations. Appealing to SASSA is an online, easy, and two-minute process you can perform yourself.
  • Payment dates: if someone offers you that he/she can help you receive your SASSA grant before SASSA official payment dates, then remember that SASSA sends only their payments on the officially published dates not sooner nor later than that.
  • Respond to only official numbers: SASSA has officially expanded its help operation for an applicant using their official WhatsApp number. If any WhatsApp number contacts you and asks you if he/she can help you with any matter, don’t even reply to that number.
  • Don’t response to email: normally official emails from SASSA comes with a noreply tag, so if you find any email asking your for your personal details or login of your SASSA account, simply ingore such email.
  • Choose official branches: SASSA has officially announced that in case a beneficiary loses a SASSA card he/she must visit an official SASSA branch for a card loss problem, this service can only be served at officially proposed branches.
  • Banks and payment gateways: for example, if you change any banking details for your grant, you must be aware of SASSA payment methods, you can’t choose any third-party gateways other than those SASSA officially has announced in their documents, so if someone asks you to attach any other gateway simply ignore it.
  • Directly to SASSA: if SASSA for a reason declined your grant, try to understand by yourself the actual reason behind the declination instead of choosing any advisor.
  • Procurator: be very conscious in appointing a SASSA procurator if needed to resolve your queries, it’s always recommended to appoint a procurator in close relation to you rather than appointing from any local service agency.


SASSA will not be responsible if you get any type of scam in the name of SASSA. It is always advised to follow each and every step as it is as SASSA officially told.

Final Thoughts

By following all the points mentioned above, you can minimize almost all the chances of getting scammed. So try to research SASSA yourself before taking any step toward your grant approval.

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