key things sassa checks in application

Key Things SASSA Verifies in Your Application

SASSA verifier checks a grant application from different perspectives, some of them aren’t yet public, but some we’ve collected after studying different types of applications. 

In this article, you’re going to know the important points to which SASSA teams give more attention when they study or verify an application of an applicant.

Also after reading this, you’re going to more effectively strategize your application process to get maximum chance of approval.

You probably thinking ‘oh it’s late because I’ve submitted my application’, the answer to this is you’re not late, yes, if you’ve recently submitted your SASSA application and you think there is something to improve, then you can update SASSA application easily.

Things SASSA Checks to Decide Approval

So here are the things you must be aware of when filling out your SASSA application form, these things will ensure a high chance of your approval and also will reflect your application as a professional one to stand out.

keyt hings sassa checks in your application before approval
key things sassa checks in your application before giving approval
  • Typo MIstakes: The SASSA team not only verifies an applicant’s application through a computerized process but also verifies it manually and priorly checks spelling or typo mistakes in it, check your submitted application for such mistakes and correct them immediately.
  • Multiple TImes Submission: Usually this isn’t possible to submit your grant application multiple times, but sometimes due to network issues it can be case that can happen with your application, so before you apply for a grant make your internet is properly working, you can ping check your internet speed.
  • Incomplete Required Attachments: SASSA officers do priorly check and also read in detail the requirements you submit or attach with your application, so before you actually press the submit button, keep note that all your requirements resonate with your application and are they correctly attached with.
  • Mismatching Documents: Your attachments should match your statements as well as your specific grant types, if you’re applying for a care dependency grant and the attachments you’re attaching are of an old age grant, then it can create a problem for you.
  • Non-Transparency in Assets: SASSA has data of almost all of the government and private departments of South Africa, so if you’ve tried to hide your assets or money-making models from SASSA, it will be sooner or later known to the SASSA verification team which may lead to rejection of your application or maybe suspension of your grant later.
  • Current Employment Status: With assets notice, SASSA also strictly notices the employment status of a person applying for a grant, so if you’re currently an employee of a company and receiving monthly wages, it will be in the notice of SASSA which will ultimately lead to rejection of your application.
  • Residency for Applicant: This is one of the most basic and important things that SASSA verifiers check very first when he/she analyze an application. If you’re a non south African your application will be directly rejected, and if you’re an ex-South African and now hold another country’s nationality, you may be rejected. If you’re a Ex-South African, you first have to gain the nationality back of South Africa with all eligibility fulfillments to reapply for application.
  • Criminal Record: As I told you, SASSA has the data of all South African departments, SASSA very strictly checks the criminal record of a person, so if they find any serious criminal case, you may be rejected from being a SASSA beneficiary. 
  • Fake Medical Assessments: SASSA cross-checks the disability medical documents or assessments from the health departments and takes strict action over them In case your medical assessment is found fake, you might be rejected from taking benefits from a SASSA grant. Make sure your medical assessments are 100% legit and solely printed out officially from the same medical department,
  • Previous Grant History: If you’re receiving a grant or any other benefit from any agency within South Africa or you;re found enrolled in any SASSA grant type previously SASSA will say Big NO to your application. If you were receiving benefits from other organization than SASSA, you have to prove this through proper documentation. In case you were a beneficiary of any other grant of SASSA, then they may arrange your interview to clear your point.
  • History of Application Cancelation: If previously you’ve canceled a grant application due to certain reasons, SASSA will also take strict notice regarding that why you’ve canceled your previous grant application, and other verification procedures will also be applicable to your new application again in a strict manner.
  • Means Test Disqualification: This generally comes at the end of your application verification process, in this, SASSA will again cross-check your application details. The means test is normally a re-verification procedure that SASSA applies to all applicant applications. 

At the time when you’re filling your application form for any grant, you should be keeping in mind that all these points that SASSA notices before giving approval to an applicant.

Final Thoughts

No only these important things that SASSA teams notice for a specific applicant will ensure your approval, but also these will make your application go in the long run without any problem in the future.

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