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SASSA Website Down | What to Do Know

As internet technology is consistently growing and moving towards improvements and more advancements, it looks more old-fashioned word now when you hear that a website is down.

Today the downtime of a large number of websites has reached 0.1 percent, now almost all good organizations in the world claim that their uptime is 99.99%, and with this they also leave room for 0.1 percent downtime.

A large website like SASSA to which millions of users interact daily where they get solutions to their different problems related to their SASSA grants and where they check their statuses daily, it’s a completely normal thing to hear that the SASSA website is down today.

But when there’s a huge number of people working in the same industry like IT, you don’t have to say that you aren’t able to check your status  Suppose you face any down experience while using the SASSA official website, don’t worry, there are hundreds and thousands of websites on the internet you can find publishing the same authentic content to help SASSA beneficiaries.

You don;t have to care about authenticity because the system of Google is designed to show only authentic and value-added websites to people on the internet.

Including our other SASSA-related guide, you can also use our SASSA check system that will tell you your status is 100% true and accurate.

Ways to Check Status When SASSA Website is Down

There are many ways to know your grant status if you’re facing down site of SASSA, but all these methods may work or may not work for you, it completely depends on the factors. So here are some ways you can use to check your application status.

check status when sassa website down
check sassa status when sassa website facing downtime
  • SASSA WhatsApp: you can use SASSA’s official WhatsApp number to check your status, simply send a text message to them and as you want to see the details of your grant application status, there are high chances that they will assist you in this regard if there isn’t any serious problems with their system.
  • Check Through SMS: this traditional method can also help you in the time of downtime of the SASSA website, you can simply type your SASSA ID number in the text message and send it to 082 046 8553, there will be no charges applicable for this method.
  • Use Third Parties: you can use third-party websites that are offering status check services for SASSA beneficiaries like SASSA Check. Such websites work exactly the same as the SASSA.
  • Visit SASSA Office: you may also visit SASSA offices in South Africa and ask at the desk that you want to see your application status, they will ask for some important details about you and will deliver the details of your current status.

Cause for SASSA Website Down

There can be many technical issues at the backend of SASSA that may lead to downtime of the website, sometimes these can be serious, sometimes normal, but most of the time these are due to SASSA’s regular system updation. Following are some reasons that can lead to failure for the website’s loading.

  • SASSA might be adding any technical features in its system that may lead to downtime.
  • SASSA server might crash due to an extremely high number o of users at a time, but this is a rare case as SASSA uses high-end technical processes to manage its services on the internet.
  • Due to technical errors in the SASSA website, the team team might be troubleshooting the error.
  • Sometimes the problem is not at the end of SASSA website management, it’s sometimes the problem at the sub department of SASSA managing servers, please note that SASSA uses its own servers to host all its data all safe from vulerabilities.

Precautions While Using Third-Party Websites

Almost all other methods are safe to perform at third-party websites or apps, but still, you’ve to be careful about some things when you’re interacting with a completely new website or app to ensure the safety of personal details.

  1. Don’t give the Password of your account to any website if required.
  2. If someone asks you on the social media platform about any personal details, don’t give any such details to them.
  3. In case any third-party website asks you to put your SASSA details the same as you’ve entered in official documents, say not to this. Only use those 3rd party apps that don’t require anything from your personal details.
  4. Avoid those websites or apps that require signup from you first.
  5. If any websites ask you to pay money to check your status or use their SASSA-related content, don’t pay a single penny.
  6. Always be aware of scams when using any third-party service regarding SASSA.


Is checking the status from third-party websites app safe?
Yes it’s 100% safe until you’re using Google’s products like chrome and play store, we don;t give a guarantee of rest fo the platforms.

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