Why Appeal Is Always Recommended Before Reapplication for SASSA

Why Appeal Is Always Recommended Before Reapplication for SASSA

As a SASSA beneficiary, you might have come to the situation of rejection of your application for a grant and you might be disheartened. In this article, I am emphasizing the importance of appealing to SASSA before you reapply.

There is a huge number of SASSA grant beneficiaries who opt to reapply for a rejected application, but in actual this should be held at least before an appeal try.

I am not denying the importance of reapplication, but the fact is it should always be chosen after trying for an appeal.

A reapplication does not only increase the time span for your application to get reconsidered, but it also increases the workload on your side as you have to collect the document and fill the application from scratch.

In case of appeal it also creates a psychologically positive impression on the SASSA verification team that the applicant might be really in need of the grant and may he/she be the deserving one.

So, here are some reasons you should know if you’re going through the situation of facing an application rejection for your grant.

Reasons Why You Should Appeal First

  • When you appeal there are higher chances that the verification team is already acquainted with your application details, this psychologically creates pressure on the verification team to think twice for again rejecting your application again.
  • Your appeal can also lead to the same person verifying your application the first time.
  • Appealing doesn’t only lower the work on your side, but it also lowers the work on the SASSA team as the SASSA team already has your details in their system.
  • As an Appeal is a review process on an already submitted application, it typically takes less time than a reapplication to process.
  • The appeal does also allows you to provide more detailed information of yourself through documentation to SASSA.
  • With the old verification team, SASSA may also deploy a higher authority chairperson to process your appeal, people at higher positions are most of the time polite and kind, and this can also benefit you a lot.
  • A reapplication is simply an application from scratch, it doesn’t allow you to address your reason to convince SASSA to give you approval.
  • An Appeal to SASSA for a grant will also show the SASSA team your willingness for a grant and may also leaves an impression of deservingness.
  • If you choose to appeal, you are indirectly lowering the management headache of SASSA workers, this will have a positive impression on you and your appeal. A perfectly submitted appeal will not only 

Here are some tips for making an appeal to appeal more effectively to ultimately increase the chances of approval.

Similarly, if you want to know about the status of your appeal, you can check grant status by simply entering your ID number and Ph number as you’ve filled in your application form.

If your appeal nor your reapplication is being considered, you can simply visit SASSA office with your details and proof that shows you’re deserving applicant, the SASSA may take action in this regard accordingly.

Final Thoughts

These are some potential benefits of making appeal before you go for reapplication. This is to not encourage you to solely rely on appeal, you can also choose to reapply for a rejected application, but first, give it a try to appeal.

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