how to be a responsible beneficiary of SASSA

How You Can Be A Responsible SASSA Beneficiary

Its an obligation to us not only as a beneficiary but also as a citizen of South Africa to be a responsible citizen. To achieve this, we all can play our role while in this country whether we are beneficiaries of SASSA or a common citizen.

If you’re a SASSA beneficiary or going to be one, In this article you’re going to discover important things you can be aware of while on the journey with SASSA to prove yourself as a good citizen of South Africa and a responsible beneficiary of SASSA.

Here are some tips you can fo in daily life while dealing with SASSA to become a responsible beneficiary.

Things to Consider As a Beneficiary

  • Don’t try to fool the approval system of SASSA to get an extra grant or grant with another grant scheme in the country. This will not only ensure that the grant is paid to the most relevant and deserving person in the country, but it will also create your goodwill.
  • If you find any person fool-proofing the SASSA system or doing any fraudulent activity with SASSA’s system, immediately complain to this number 0800601011. 
  • Comply with SASSA requirements to fulfill their work to process for the application approval. LAways provide enough details of yourself when applying, if you give additional documents to SASSA to verify your case, it will be more professional
  • If you’re now a stable person in terms of financial status or now you have an established business or job, cancel your grant to make it sure that your grant is awarded to the most needy human being in South Africa.
  • Promptly report the changes in your application whenever your details change. Suppose your residential address is changed in South Africa, you can immediately report this change to SASSA.
  • Use the SASSA grant money wisely without wasting any penny, if these grants are meeting your basic needs then it’s good, but if you’re having some extra money at the end of the month, try to save for the future.
  • Use such grants only for their real purposes, suppose you’re getting SASSA foster child grant, use this grant specifically for the foster child under your foster care, and try not to fulfill your other needs with this money, if you really need some extra money and you can’t really manage to have it and you comp;y with SASSA criteria, you can apply for a grant.
  • Always stay updated about the news the SASSA releases regarding new policy changes or anything new it introduces into its overall system.
  • Seek financial literacy and use grants wisely by making a monthly budgeting system for yourself to ensure maximum benefits from SASSA grants in your hard times.
  • Seek guidance related to SASSA only from professionals working at SASSA, and don’t forget to talk with them politely. Your politeness will solve your half of the problem.
  • If you contact SASSA whether by email or by phone call, if you don’t get any response, at least wait for 2-3 days to get a response.
  • Try to be vigilant and active about your SASSA application status, and if you find any problem report it politely to SASSA. Also, there are many problems that enw beneficiaries face while checking their status, 95% of which are not actually problems like no pay date after approval, in such cases try not to contact SASSA to save the time and resources of SASSA.
  • If by chance you have to visit SASSA office, try to dress well and be confident while dealing there, this will maximize your chances of getting your problem solved.
  • Try to seek maximum knowledge over SASSA through our site to get more command over it, in this way, you’ll not only benefit yourself but you can also help others in your society to get the maximum benefit of SASSA.

Final Thoughts

These are some common point that you should know as a SASSA beneficiary and as a citizen of South Africa. As these are very basic and easy to follow, try to follow these yourself and also convince others in your surroundings who are beneficiaries of SASSA to follow.

For More Information

Call: 0800601011
Email: [email protected]

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