Why is My SASSA R350 Approved But no Payment

Why is My SASSA R350 Approved But no Payment | How to Solve This

If you’re facing SASSA R350 approved but no payment received issue on your site, it can happen due to many reasons. We are here to help you sort the issue and get your grant payments timely on paydays.

This issue is mostly seen in South African people who are new applicants for SASSA or have just applied for SASSA grants. This issue has also been seen affecting your details at the SASSA status check, but the good news is there is no serious thing to be worried about if you are right at your place.

Here are some common and potential reasons that can be the cause of why you facing SASSA approval but no payday on your side.

Reasons for SASSA Approved But No Payday

Before you know the reasons for this issue, keep note that there is no specific reason we can tell due to why Sassa says approved but no pay date to you.

reasons for approved sassa but no pay days
potential reasons for no pay days
  • Burden of New Applicants: this is the most reason note that if SASSA system is receiving a large number of applications of new applicants, it can potentially shows you this issue on your side.
  • Introduction of New Systems: this is the least-case scenario, if SASSA is implementing new systems or technology to their whole system for detecting a specific detail of catching the fraudulent activity this can also show you approved status but no payday on your side.
  • Incorrect or Wrong Detail: if while filling out your SASSA online application, you’ve entered a wrong or incorrect important detail of yourself, there are higher chance that you may see this issue. You can solve this by updating your SASSA grant application, if you’re unable to update, you can reapply for SASSA after a prior official notice from SASSA.
  • Non-Matching Banking Details: SASSA takes very serious about the banking details of the applicants, so if SASSA has found a mismatch between your personal details and your banking details, you may face no payday issue, however, you can still solve this issue by correcting or changing banking details of yours.
  • Too Soon to Check: if you recently applied for any SASSA grant like 1 or 2 days ago and you’re checking your payday status, this is too soon, your new application takes time to reach the SASSA team that is going to verify your details and all that. Patiently wait for your application to enter the verification process.
  • Fraudulent Activity Detected: if the SASSA verification team has detected any type of spoofy or fraudulent activity from your side, they might not inform you with any prior notice and permanently ban you from applying for any grant, in this case, you may face no payday issue. Try to show transparency in your details and be authentic while applying for any grant, this will increase your chances of approval.

How to Solve SASSA Approved But No Payday Issue

In most of cases, if you’ve rechecked your application and found nothing wrong with this or you think you are right at your place, then there is nothing to be solved, just wait for official notification from SASSA, furthermore, you can follow the steps to solve this.

steps to solve approved sassa but no pay days
steps to solve approved status but no pay day
  • Check your banking details, whether they match your personal details or not, and also check whether you’ve provided a bank account registered in your own name. With all this check that you’ve provided the authorized bank that SASSA has announced, with this, don’t forget to check your payment methods. Correct immediately and update your application if something is wrong with this.
  • If you recently submitted your application to SASSA, avoid appealing to SASSA, this can cause duplication of your application in the SASSA database which can create problems for SASSA professionals.
  • You can contact SASSA directly through this number 0800601011 if you think nothing from all such discussed problems and ask your problem them. For more ease, you can also contact at SASSA WhatsApp number using your smartphone.


What is the best way to solve no payday issue?
The most efficient way to solve this problem, you can contact to SASSA for one-to-one assistance. 

For More Information

Call: 0800601011
Email: [email protected]

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