why my sassa grant is declined

Reasons Why SASSA Grant Application Declined

Your SASSA grant application can be declined due to various reasons, in most cases these reasons are identifiable sometimes not. We are here to help you identify the reason for your grant application decline.

Before you go further into the details of finding the reason for the application decline, make sure you have correctly submitted the SASSA online application according to the criteria of SASSA, also keep in mind that there is no chance of mistakes while submitting an application or performing SASSA status check online.

Possible Reasons Why SASSA Grant Application is Declined

If your grant by SASSA has been declined, this clearly means that there is something wrong with your application or any details you have submitted while applying for SASSA. To successfully sort out the reason behind this, read all the following points carefully.

reasons for sassa application rejection
reasons why your sassa application can be rejected
  • Numerical or Spelling Mistake: If while fulfilling the registration form for SASSA, you have made any type of numerical or spelling mistake while providing your number (ID/phone) or your name, this can be a serious reason for application declination. All such things are case-sensitive and you have to be careful about them.
  • Incomplete information Provided: there can be instances that you have provided mistaken or incomplete details while typing your name or any special number, this can also be a reason. You can reapply for SASSA in such a case.
  • Application Not Submitted: while submitting your application, sometimes the internet connection fails from your end or sometimes from the internet service provider’s end, this can be a reason for the application not being submitted successfully which can ultimately cause application rejection. Keep in mind sometimes the SASSA network also gets busy due to the high load of traffic.
  • Not Meeting Criteria: if you are applying for any SASSA grant, you must meet all the grant criteria of that specific grant, in case you are not meeting your application may be rejected straight away.
  • Another SASSA Grant Holder: In case you are a receiver of any other SASSA grant than you are applying for, in such a case your application will not accepted.
  • Grant Holder of Other Organization: not only if you are a holder of any other SASSA grant, but also if you are the holder of any other grant within South Africa, your application for any SASSA grant will not be accepted.
  • Missing Documents: SASSA requires various personal important documents from you at the time of application submission, make sure that you have provided all the documents. If any of the required is missing, your application will be declined.
  • Government Employee: in case you are a government employee in South Africa you will not be eligible for any SASSA grant. This is a policy of SASSA that no applicant will be accepted if he/she is an employee of any government organization. 
  • Healthy Income Source: if you have an alternative income source it means you don’t deserve any SASSA grant. SASSA’s policy also states that any grant with a healthy or alternate income source will be rejected straight away of any SASSA grant.
  • Fraud Detected: If SASSA has detected any fraudulent activity from your side, your application will be simply rejected, SASSA can also take legal action in the case.
  • UIF or NSFAS Holder: if you are a holder of any such grant in South Africa, your record will be shared with SASSA and you won’t be able to get your application accepted.
  • The Person is Deceased: if SASSA has identified the applicant as a dead or deceased person, the application will be rejected.
  • Expired ID Card or Number: if your national ID card is expired or if your South African registered phone number is expired, you will be rejected as an applicant of SASSA.


If still you are facing any problems and unable to find the reason, you can directly contact to SASSA official number or their email.c


Will my application be approved if I am an overseas South African?

In this case, you aren’t in the eligibility criteria for the SASSA grant, so your application will be declined.

What should I do if my SASSA reapply is declined?

It is better to wait for some time and then make a SASSA appeal. If you’ve reapplied without appealing, then you did it wrong, because the most professional way is to first make an appeal before going for reapply from scratch.

What does declined mean on Sassa status?

It simply means rejection, this rejection can be due to many unknown reasons, you’ve to identify the reason yourself and reapply or appeal.

For more information:

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