why is sassa appeal taking so long

Why is SASSA Appeal Taking so Long

Appealing for SASSA is an important step in case you think you provided all the documents at the time of application. Also, you think that you meet the criteria that SASSA set for grants.

There can be possibilities of mistakes during SASSA online application process, but still, if you think that you have completed all the required documents and deserve a suitable grant from SASSA you can check the possible reasons why your SASSA application taking so long.

Before you go further in details of reasons, remember that sometimes SASSA takes so long for to process your appeal due to loads of appeals on SASSA workers.

Reasons Why is SASSA Appeal Taking so Long

Please note that all these reasons are selected on the basis of experience, keep in mind there can be other reasons for your appeal taking so long to process at SASSA.

reasons sassa appeal taking long
reasons why sassa appeal taking so long to process
  • SASSA Team is Busy: this can be a reason that SASSA workers at SASSA might be busy fulfilling other tasks and might not have seen yet your appeal.
  • Deficiency of Staff: there might be a low number of workers of staff at SASSA due to which their workload is high and might not get your appeal so far.
  • Illetrate of Appeal: it’s an important thing to know how to appeal SASSA online otherwise your application for appeal might not be accepted, first know to appeal to the agency.
  • Incomplete Information Provided: you might have entered incomplete or incorrect information while filling the form for appeal, make sure you enter each and every detail 100% correct.
  • Technical Problems at SASSA: SASSA systems might be facing any technical problem that is quite obvious, for this reason, your appeal might not have reached them yet.
  • Your Appeal hasn’t Reached SASSA: due to a network problem on your side, it’s possible that your application might not be submitted successfully to SASSA.
  • The appeal is Revised but Still in Process: your appeal might be in progress for further processing because the appeal needs more verification by SASSA workers to make sure you are deserving. 
  • Appeal is processing for Further Investigation: SASSA workers after reviewing your appeal might have identified some false or incorrect information, for this reason, they might be processing your appeal for investigation.
  • Appealing for irrelevant Grant: you might be appealing for an irrelevant grant or a grant you don’t deserve, make sure you apply for the very suitable and deserving SASSA grant. 

In all the above situations, you have to be patient, SASSA after reviewing the appeal will notify you at your address if there is a problem. Still, after your appeal is complete and you are not satisfied, you can appeal to ITSAA.

Please note that including any of the above problems, you may not be able to perform SASSA status check for your grant.


Can I still appeal if my previous appeal is rejected?
Yes, you can appeal as many times as you want with authentic proofs and documents to prove you are deserving, but make sure you appeal after your previous appeal is completed.

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