sassa payment for april

SASSA Payment Dates for April 2024

SASSA Pay dates for April 2024 are recently announced officially by SASSA on which you can collect your SASSA payments. For all grants, dates are not the same, so you have to be careful about your grant date.

SASSA due to professionalism and keeping in mind the monetary needs of South Africans is very much willing to pay grant amounts to its beneficiaries. 

If you are one of the SASSA beneficiaries, you can collect your payments on April dates through payment methods SASSA has allocated with its system.

SASSA Pay days for April 2024

You will be receiving your grant payments for April on the exact dates given below, make sure you don’t late to get your payment to avoid any delay in your payment.

Old Age Grant3 April 2024
Disability Grant4 April 2024
Child Support Grant5 April 2024
Other Grants5 April 2024
sassa payment for april

>> Also know May dates.

Other than old age and disability grants, the payment dates are same for all programs. If your card is expired OR any problem you are facing with your application, you are advised to solve the problem and renew the card as soon as possible before pay days.

According to SASSA policies you are not able to get your payment before pay date, and also your payment can be reversed if you failed to collect it timely.

april weekend payments will be processed on upcoming workdays

SASSA Payment Amounts

Whether you are a beneficiary of an old age grant or receiving child support grants from SASSA, all SASSA grant payments are different, Also all these payment amounts are not fixed for lifetime as SASSA keeps changing it according to the economic situation in South Africa.

SASSA doesn’t entertain requests for increasing grants, so be careful about the dates of your specific grant type. Also, we recommend you to choose and apply for a grant wisely that suits your requirements.

Payment Withdrawal Precautions

  1. Schedule your visit to ATM for withdrawal at least a week before official payment disbursals.
  2. Don’t allow anyone present at the ATM point to enter with you in the cabin, nor accept help offers from others in case of any problem, only discuss problems with bank staff.
  3. Try to take your brother, sister, or any close relative with you at the ATM point as a companion.
  4. Avoid going late at night for withdrawal in order to save yourself from robberies.
  5. Enter your ATM PIN by covering the keypad using your left hand and enter your PIN with your right hand.
  6. When your money comes out of ATM machine, take your card first out of the machine and then your cash after saving your card in your bag or wallet.
  7. After complete withdrawal, don’t stop anywhere until you arrive at your home.
  8. Stay alert of SMS notifications of your account transactions, and report to the bank or SASSA in case you experience any unusual activity with your monetary account.
  9. For extra security of your card, keep changing PIN after every month or two.

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