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How To File SASSA Dispute for Unauthorized Deduction

SASSA is a very responsible organization in terms of sending timely scheduled monthly payments to beneficiaries and is also very careful in sending your money safely into your account.

It’s a quite rare case to face an unknown or unauthorized deductions of your SASSA money from your account, but if you’re currently going through this situation, we’re here to help you out through this.

It’s a fact that SASSA doesn’t have any concerns once your payment is disbursed into your account.

Before you know more about this, it’s important to mention here that, you’re not filing this to SASSA, but involving a third-party Qlink that deals with unauthorized online deductions.

So make sure, no any SASSA worker is directly going to facilitate you in this matter. Also, note that, as SASSA money is donation money and not your hard-earned money, so if the deduction is minor, you can simply ignore this deduction. 

On the other hand, if the deduction is noticeable, you can head over to dispute for sure. You can’t only use this process for SASSA money, but also if your money from other sources got unauthorized deducted, you can use this process for that also.

How To Submit SASSA Dispute

Filing a dispute for unauthorized money deduction is super easy when you’re a beneficiary of SASSA, it doesn’t require writing an affidavit but requires a few steps from your side and an active phone with a sim card.

It will be more professional and good to use the same phone number you’ve submitted in your SASSA application. To know how you can perform all this, follow the steps.

sassa dispute process
follow steps for Sassa dispute of unauthorized deduction
  • Send an SMS to the official Qlink on their number 34549, but before you send this message, you have to write some more information in your textual message as follows.
  • Write DISPUTE as the title of the message.
  • Then write your South African ID number as you provided in your application.
  • Write the company name for which you’re filing this, also known as FSP name, in your case, FSP name will be SASSA.
  • Write a little detail about the unauthorized deduction you’re facing: the duration time and the amount of money.
  • Also, write I didn’t sign misrepresentation OR contract as a dispute reason.
  • Then send the message and you’re all done.

Other Solution for Unauthorized Deductions of SASSA Money

Here is another solution that you can use to stop unauthorized deduction of your money if the money is specifically the SASSA grant money.

Simply visit your nearest SASSA office and ask at the help desk or reception about your problem.

The receptionist may refer you to the particular department in the office or to the office that can solve your query.

Explain that you’re facing an unauthorized grant money deduction from your account, and then will surely try to find out the root cause causing this problem.

This method is non-technical and more straightforward, as you may get your problem sorted without involving any third party. In most cases, beneficiaries get this problem solved here, and they don’t have to go for third-party involvement.

Final Thoughts

As this is a rare case though, you can still follow in the situation the instructions above as it is. For more information related to your grant application, you can regularly check SASSA or SRD status to stay updated.

For More Information:

Email: [email protected]
Phone: 0800601011

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