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If you’re a SASSA applicant, a SASSA grant beneficiary, or interested in any SASSA grant, you probably have a lot of questions in your mind. We have collected some questions and answered them on the basis of the experience we’ve had over the period of years with SASSA.

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Frequent SASSA Questions and Answers

What is SASSA?

SASSA stands for South African Social Security Agency, this agency is designed by the government of South Africa to facilitate people of South Africa using finances to elevate poverty.

Can SASSA Money be Reversed?

Yes SASSA money can be reversed but only in the case if your money is still stored in your bank account for 3 months consecutively without a single withdrawal. In this case, your SASSA card blockage can also happen temporarily..

How Many Types of Grants Do SASSA Provide?

There are serval grants offered by SASSA targeting different age groups and types of South African people, following are grant offered by SASSA:

Is SASSA Available in Other Countries?

No SASSA is available in other countries than South Africa, it’s specifically built to provide financial grants to South African national citizens.

What Type of Benefits Does SASSA Provide?

Most of the SASSA benefits include social or financial grants, but a single benefit it provides is a little bit different from other benefits and that is Old Age Homes for Pensioners.

How Can I Apply for SASSA Benefits?

You can apply for SASSA benefits in many ways as by visiting their office or using their WhatsApp number, you can also use SASSA online application option,

How Can I Check my Grant Status for SASSA?

There are many resources you can use to check your status, you can also use our site to check SASSA status check online. To check your status, you just have to put your ID number and Phone number.

Can I check the Status without having an internet connection?

Yes, it’s quite possible to check your status without having access to internet, you can use SASSA SMS service to check your application status. You can also use the official WhatsApp number of SASSA to check your status by talking to their operator.

How SASSA Pays Its Money to Beneficiaries?

SASSA after its launch introduced many ways to withdraw its granted money, you can use SASSA Post Offices and also use your bank account to receive SASSA money which you can withdraw using an SASSA card.

Are SASSA Benefits Taxable?

No, the SASSA money you receive is a grant under the humanitarian act and is non-taxable from any type of state taxes, in short, you don’t have to pay any tax for the SASSA money you receive.

What Primary Documents Do I Need to Apply for SASSA?

Your registered ID number, phone number, and proof of many other things according to the grant for which you’re applying are needed as primary requirements for applying to SASSA.

Is it Possible To Update My Information in SASSA?

Yes, you can update your newly submitted application, but keep in mind once your application reaches further processing with the SASSA team, you may not update your application.

What are the Contact Details of SASSA?

If you want to seek help via call from SASSA you can use this number 0800601011, for email use this address [email protected], for help on WhatsApp use this number 0820468553.

What is the Difference Between Old Age Grant and Old Age Homes for Pensioners?

The old age grant is a grant in which the beneficiary receives a specific amount of money from SASSA, while old age homes provide homes for stay to old age or senior people who are citizens of South Africa.

Is it Possible to Change SASSA Banking Details?

Yes, it is possible to change SASSA banking details in documents anytime following the specific procedure.

Does SASSA provide card for transactions?

Yes, SASSA does provide cards to its beneficiaries for making transactions easily, SASSA cards are easy to use and work similarly to regular ATM cards.

What Documents Do I Need to Apply for SASSA?

It all depends on the grant for which you’re applying, check each grant on our site to know this.

Can I Apply for SASSA Grant Online?

Yes, it’s quite possible to apply for a SASSA grant online, for this, you have to follow online application procedure.

Can I Appeal to SASSA?

Yes, it’s possible to make any appeal to SASSA if you think you’re right at your place and your application is rejected mistakenly.

How can I Reapply for SASSA?

To reapply for SASSA grant, you have to follow the specific procedure for reapplication, keep in mind you can only apply for a rejected or declined application application.

How much money Does SASSA Pay?

It all depends on the type of SASSA grant, to know how much SASSA pays to its beneficiaries, you can check how to choose right grant for you.

What Steps Should I Take if I Moved to a New Address from Previous?

If this is the case, you can simply update your SASSA application and update your new address removing the previous one.

Is There Any Age Limit for the SASSA Grant?

Yes, almost every grant has this limitation by SASSA, check each grant on our site to know the age limit for the grant.

Is it Possible to Change My Phone Number in SASSA?

Yes, you can easily change SASSA phone number in a matter of some steps, keep it in mind only do this when necessary, changing such details without any solid reason can create problems for you related to your grant.

Is it Possible to Check SASSA Balance?

Yes, you can check your SASSA balance using your SASSA card which is the easiest and quickest way to check your balance, furthermore, you can also check SASSA balance without Airtime.

Is it Possible to Know the Lost Reference Number of SASSA?

Yes, it requires a few steps to know the SASSA reference number in case you lost it or forgot it.

Is it Possible to Cancel the SASSA Grant?

Yes, in case you don’t need the SASSA grant anymore or due to any other reason you don’t want it, you can cancel SASSA grant anytime following the procedure.

Can I Apply Again for a Grant After Cancelation?

Yes, if you fulfill the criteria even after cancelation, you can still be eligible to apply again for a SASSA grant.

Does SASSA Facilitate Through WhatsApp Number?

Yes, there are many facilities that SASSA provides online through their WhatsApp number, you can use this number 0820468553 to contact SASSA on WhatsApp.

How does SASSA raise funds?

SASSA raises its funds for beneficiaries from the tax money of established businesses in South Africa, there may be other aid included. If a person with extra money/wealth wants to donate to SASSA, the SASSA also entertains this type of money.

How often are SASSA grants paid?

SASSA grants are monthly, every grant program beneficiary gets paid the amount in his/her bank account.

Who is the CEO of SASSA?

The Busisiwe Memela-Khambula as an amazing humanitarian lady is currently managing SASSA as a CEO.

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