SASSA Status Check | Check SRD Status Now

Sassa status can be checked online by just using your National South African ID card and your personal phone number which you have submitted during your registration for SASSA grants. South African residents who are applicants of Social Relief Distress R350 can check current statuses for reliefs and grants.

It is advised that before you check your current status of SASSA reliefs, your ID card number and your cellphone number must be accurately input, if so false information or data may be shown to you which can cause problems for you.

Procedure for SASSA Status Application Check

It is important for you to have a look at some status-check messages that you are going to see after you punch your important details in the SASSA status-checking section.

isheke sesimo se-sassa
isheke lesimo se-sassa
  1. To see your application status, type in your SA identity number in the above area.  
  2. Type the South African phone number that you provided at the time of SASSA registration in the next box or area below the identity number area.
  3. Last but not least step is to press the ‘submit’ button to retrieve your desired data from the SASSA database.
  4. Your granted application with all other details like application approval month and SASSA App ID will be displayed on your screen.
  5. For a better experience, you can also try incognito mode on your smartphone or computer or you can clear the cache of your existing browser.
  6. Additionally, you can also see your status using moya app.

Using this SASSA status check, you can discover when you’ll receive your relief payments. Following these steps will make sure you get approval for the current month and stay informed about your R350 and social relief grant applications.

Once you’re certain that your R350 status check has been approved, you’ll receive money from SASSA grants. If your bank details haven’t been updated to your personal bank account, do prepare yourself to visit the Post Office to access your funds.

SASSA Results and SRD Status Check 

  • Accepted/Approved: Congratulations, Your application for receiving SASSA grants has been officially approved, now you will start getting monthly SASSA payments in your account. Please note that the status report will contain information about the SRD payout, including a Reference ID and Application ID.
  • Ineligible / Declined: Regrettably, your application did not satisfy the eligibility criteria or was denied in accordance with the specific grant’s requirements. This message simply means that you are not eligible to receive payments.
  • Pending: Your application for SASSA grants is still in progress or pending and will be reviewed by South African higher authorities sooner or later.
  • Declined: Your application has been rejected or declined for the reason below:
  1. Your National ID Card number is noticed somewhere in the UIF and NSFAS allocated databases.
  2. Your monthly income/revenue is more than the income criteria or threshold decided by the authorities regulating SASSA.
  3. You are already receiving payments from the SASSA scheme through alternative ways.
  • Awaiting Bank Details: You haven’t updated the beneficiary bank details to get disbursed payments from the agency.

Check SASSA Satus on WhatsApp for SRD R350

You might be pleased after knowing that SASSA officially offers status checks through their official WhatsApp number for people who don’t have a good internet connection or at a place where they don’t have good internet access to browse browsers, 

This user-friendly approach is designed officially that enable you to engage in online chat and messaging with an authorized SASSA representative. Through this method, you can also inquire about your application status, address any concerns, and seek assistance regarding eligibility requirements, application procedures, grant disbursements, and other associated questions. The representatives are always there working to assist you.

check status using sassa official whatsapp number

Step 1: Add the official SASSA WhatsApp number 082 046 8553 into your smartphone to initiate messaging talk with the Official Agent sitting at the backend.

Step 2: Utilize the SASSA WhatsApp contact to engage in direct communication with the responsible authorities. This will ensure quick assistance with any specific issues you may have. Make sure you talk with the team in a very respectful manner.

Step 3: If you need additional support, don’t hesitate to contact us via the official email address: [email protected].

What caused the SASSA Status Check to be unsuccessful?

Every SASSA applicant must check their application approval status every month to be aware of their governmental funds and whether they are approved by authorities or not. Keep in mind that SASSA organization offers temporary assistance to individuals experiencing financial hardship and unemployment, and they involve a means test to ensure that the grant is approved only for those who genuinely require it.

SASSA First needs some authentications and legit proof from the candidate with designed criteria to be fulfilled. A specific group of people with low incomes are the target recipients of this scheme. The application process of the agency ensures that the applicant’s income does not surpass the specified limit and that they are not receiving extra financial assistance from other or alternative sources, like the R350 Social Relief of Distress (SRD) grant or UIF.

There can be certain reasons for the failure of SRD status check on your side as the following:

Incorrect/incomplete information: If the information you’ve provided, such as your phone number, grant reference number, or other details, is incorrect or incomplete, it can lead to status check failure or pending status for bank details. To ensure a successful status check, please double-check the accuracy of the information you’ve entered and make sure all required details are correct to 100%.

Failure of Identity Verification: If you see this error message, it means that there is no match of your National ID card in the database of SASSA, if this is the case, then you have to physically visit their office for manual identity verification.

Processing Not Started Yet: This isn’t a problem for you to worry about, it simply means that you have just submitted all the requirements to the agency and your application is in the queue for processing. The status after your application is submitted to the center takes some time to show data on screen, be patient with this message.

Technical Issues: There is a vast range of technical issues that can happen anywhere anytime with this application specifically you are dealing with computers and smartphones, suck technical issues sometimes can’t be diagnosed. But the good news is when a team of highly experienced and qualified personnel is working at the backend, then these issues are not big problems. Technical problems in the SASSA status check include bugs in the website’s coding or faults in the server hosting the SASSA program. Also, keep in mind, that sometimes these issues pop up on the screen when the maintenance team is working at the backend for any type of maintenance work, so it doesn’t mean that every time you see any error on the screen is an issue. 

Ineligibility: This simply means that you are not meeting the whole SASSA criteria that are designed for the eligibility or grant access to the SASSA finances. 

Failed Means Test: Your application has been invalidated due to an unsuccessful SASSA means test, and you may not meet the eligibility criteria for any of the social relief benefits, including the R350 grant. This can happen to you for a number of reasons which might not be informed to you.

Types of SASSA Grants

SASSA offers a diverse range of financial grants with different names, if you’re going to be a SASSA applicant, you should be choosing the grant wisely.

1Child Support Grant
2Care Dependency Grant
3War Veterans Grant
4Old Age Grant
5Grant In-Aid
6Disability Grant
7Foster Child Gant

Payment Calendar for SASSA Disbursements 2024

The current SASSA finances calendar for monthly payouts or grants is valid and is scheduled from the month of July 2023 to March 2024. 

sassa official disbursement dates
Sassa monthly payments

For every applicant, it is necessary to know the date on which SASSA releases its payments for deserving applicants.  You can see in the above image that disbursement distribution has been divided into 3 groups of recipients including Child Grants which also have another category called SASSA foster child, Disability Grants, and Older Persons (care dependency) all in the deserving quota. 

September 2023 Schedule for R350 SRD Payments

After you’ve received confirmation of your approval of the SASSA R350 status check, now you can refer to the table below to understand the upcoming payment schedules.

Following is the payday schedule that is designed by the official authorities, it will help you keep track of your granted payments.

Payment Calendar for SASSA R350 in 2023

MonthYearPay Day DateStatus

By using the R350 status check facility, you can save much time by keeping track of when SASSA will send your social relief funds. This helps you know the exact day you’ll get the money in your bank account or through options like SASSA cash send or e-wallets, such as the Moya App.

Be sure that SASSA funds are the same for every person in South Africa, there are various factors according to which these funds are different for people living in different geographical locations in South Africa. 

In rural regions or regions that are remote and far from cities, especially during weekends, it might require a few additional days. To determine your payment date for the upcoming month, you can check the status of your R350 payment approval through the SRD system.

Video on How to Check SASSA Status

Here is a short video tutorial on how you can perform a quick check for your SASSA application which will require only 2 minutes. Provide your ID number and Phone number in the fields to see your current application status.

SRD R350 and SASSA Application Rejected

Your SRD R350 application rejection is an important thing to be noted, Also, facing continuous denials or terminations of SASSA Grants. It’s important thing that you quickly do a “SASSA status check” this month to know if there are any problems.

The reasons for these rejections and denials are that SASSA carefully reviews your information checks if you meet the requirements and only shows rejection in case they found anything wrong with your documents or information provided. A good thing is you can apply again by appealing to SASSA.

Keeping track of your rejected SASSA application is crucial whether you are an existing SASSA grant holder or an applicant. Awareness of this can help many people who are applicants of this scheme to avoid mistakes in their application processing journey, another important thing is, that when an applicant is knowledgeable about the processing, the team working at the SASSA backend will not have to do much work. Make sure you update your information because if anything changes, it might affect whether you can get help from the government

Appeal Cannot be Processed: If the working team at SASSA has decided to not take any consideration for your application after a rejection for a certain reason, this message will appear. Remember that this can be for many reasons which can’t be cleared by the authorities.

Record of a Deceased Person: The application received in the name of the applicant is noticed to be a deceased or a passed-away person. This can also be a case of rejection.

Age Beyond The Specified Limit: Be noted that this scheme is specifically designed for South Africans between the age of 18-60, so if you are an applicant who is older than 60 or younger than 18, then your application can be rejected easily.

Government Personnel: In case you are a South African government employee in any organization, you are not allowed to have any SASSA grant. Both SASSA and the South African government don’t allow their employees to have any monetary benefit from ant third party.

UIF Registered: You’ve been granted funds from the Unemployment Insurance Fund (UIF) while you were unemployed.

NSFAS Registered: If you were previously a beneficiary of the National Student Fund Aid Scheme is South Africa, in this case, your application will also get rejected.

Already SASSA Holder: If you are already a holder of the benefits of the SASSA Scheme and a national South African, then your application will not be even processed and rejected at the first processing step of identity verification.

Identity Verification Failed: In case you have provided any wrong details of your National Identity Card at the time of application, then the system will generate a failure of authentication and verification at the end of the SASSA teamwork.

Other Source of Income Detected: If you are getting revenue from other sources that are public or get noticed during verification, this will also make your application straightway rejected.

Accessing SASSA SRD Payments through Various Methods

sassa official hours

Following are some SASSA payment-receiving options you can use to receive your money:

Cash Send: You can select a very famous way the Cash Send option for collecting SASSA payments at a specified place or by using a money transfer service.

Pick N Pay: Ask your nearest retail or utility store who is offering Pick N Pay services whether he provides SASSA payment receive service or not.

Boxer Stores: You can also visit your nearby Boxer Retail Stores to inquire about SASSA payment services and how to collect your payments.

Bank Mobile Money Transfer: You can Verify if electronic payments have been directly transferred into your digital payment wallet accounts, such as the Moya App.

Post Office Branches (SAPO / Post Bank): You can also collect your payments from your nearest official governmental post offices or private post offices that are affiliated with the government.or SASSA.

All these payment methods are tested and work very well for SASSA grants, you can use any of these to receive your money easily. There might be some other methods of receiving money, but payments through these methods are best.

Once your money is disbursed you can access your granted funds once you’ve received an SMS notification confirming the payment, along with your unique Application ID. Please keep this information confidential and also understand that this is highly confidential, avoid sharing it with others.

Online Confirmation for SASSA and SRD R350 Requests

sassa status confirmation

SRD status can be easily checked online by yourself to check the current status of your application.

  • You can visit the Website for SASSA Status Check.
  • Punch your South African mobile phone number and ID card number in the box and press enter.
  • Your R350 status will pop up instantly after you press enter by putting your required details there.

Understanding and checking the current status of your grant is crucial to stay informed about when you’ll get paid. These steps will assist you in organizing your payday effectively, ensuring you receive your government allowance on time, and staying informed about any possible changes in eligibility.

Apply Now for the SASSA R350 Application 

It is stated by His Highness the President of Cyril Ramaphosa that monthly disbursements of R350 are as important as backbone for standing. He said that these payments should be timely disbursed for our needy people without any delay. This country is your home, and we keep on facilitating our vulnerable citizens who are not able to meet their basics.

Verifying the Status of Your Application for the SRD R350 Social Relief of Distress Grant Approval

To check for the approval status of your application that is being submitted under the R350 social relief of distress grant, You have the option to check the online status of your R350 reconsideration. Here’s a little guide for you on how to verify/check the status of your Social Relief of Distress R350 grant:

  • Use your computer laptop or smartphone to visit the official website of SASSA
  • Type in the boxes the required things, it will require your mobile number that is registered in South Africa and your National Identity Card Number.
  • After entering these details, press the below button named ‘Check Status’ and wait for your data to appear on your screen. It can sometimes take time due to high web traffic and busy servers to assist existing visitors, so keep patience.
  • After watching your information on this, you will also receive a textual message on your phone number with all these details in order to keep them safe for you for a long time. To receive this information containing SMS, keep your phone powered ON.

Submit Your SASSA Application Online 

Please make sure you regularly update your application for the SASSA R350 grant. This way, your application will show your current situation correctly and keep you eligible for further benefits offered by the agency.

Also note that in case you’ve already sent in your application for this month, changing your answers won’t affect this month’s application. But the new information will be used for future months. So, it’s a must-do thing for you to keep checking and fixing your application to avoid any problems or inconveniences in getting the grant later on.

How SASSA Grant Application Can Be Updated

It is crucial for every SASSA applicant to know how to update the SASSA grant application in order to be aware and educated about the whole SASSA system. In case you’re currently applying for an SRD R350 grant or had problems with a SASSA social grant before, we’ve got the answer for your situation.

Also, If you’re trying hard to get the SRD R350 grant and you’ve already applied or had trouble with a SASSA social grant in the past, we’re happy to help you. We’ll guide you through updating your R350 grant application with our knowledge about social grants. You can fix mistakes, give the right answers, and include all the needed information in the screening questions.

SASSA Bank Details Changes

In case you want to change the beneficiary bank details of your SASSA application, this is also possible in just a few steps. You can use this easy-to-follow step-wise short guide to switch and configure your bank details with SASSA. You’ll see different ways to get your money, like cardless payments or picking it up at a store. You can also update your phone number linked to your SASSA account.

In case your status check didn’t work, stay calm its usual, you can fix it with some troubleshooting steps. But if your SASSA SRD status shows that you’re not eligible for the relief funds and it’s declined, there’s nothing you can do to change that, you are simply not for this scheme. Following are some steps given that you can use to deal with a failed to check SASSA status.

How to Deal with a Failed SASSA Grant Application

Contact to SASSA Team: This is the simplest solution, but keep in mind this step is specially designed for illiterate people in the country who are not educated to check their status online. So if you are a literate person, try to use any other step to save the resources of the Agency.

Appeal for Application Cancelation: If your application is denied or rejected by the authorities and you think that everything is right but unfair to you, in such case you can also generate an appeal request from the team working at SASSA.

Consider Reapplication:  If you didn’t qualify for the previous application because you didn’t meet the criteria or means test, think about applying again when your situation improves. This time you have to improve on the points where you lacked previously.

Ensure Complete Application: Make sure that your application is complete because an incomplete one can cause a status check to fail. To prevent this, ensure that you provide all the required details and information in your application. If needed, update your SASSA application to make sure it goes smoothly.

Wait To Verify Application: If you have applied for any changes request, wait for some to pop out on the screen. Most of the time doesn’t show instantly on the screen, so for this, you must wait patiently.

Try Again After Sometime: This can pop due to various reasons which are sometimes even unidentifiable. You also have to deal patiently with this situation. This can be due to certain technical errors in the system.

Double Check Information: After every step you take, double verify your input details that are true to 100% because a single little mistake in details can cause an unsuccessful operation for you.

Please note that for both social grants and SRD R350 grant applications, it’s crucial to submit an appeal on the SASSA website within 30 days of receiving a rejection status. Ensure that you use the same 13-digit South African identification number and phone number as in your initial application.

Reconsideration Request for SASSA R350

In case your submitted R350 application for long and isn’t approved by the authorities, you can reapply without any hesitation. You can perform reapplication/reconsideration just by online at your ease or by physically going to SASSA’s official local branch.

Reapplication R350 SRD

If you want to restart or reapply for your R350 application online, you can do it by following the SASSA Reapplication process for the R350 grant. We’ve explained and made each and every step to make it easy for you.

SASSA Appeal R350 Grant

If in case your request for a reconsideration of the R350 grant is turned down or denied by the agency, you can still appeal for each month that your application is not accepted. We have provided a step-wise detailed process on how to appeal to the Department of Social Development (DSD) for your R350 grant, which you can review for assistance.

The Purpose of the Means Test in Evaluating Your SASSA Grant Request

The SASSA means test is important in determining eligibility for social grants, including the SASSA R350 grant, by evaluating applicants’ income and personal assets within the country. To be eligible, applicants must meet all criteria and stay within the income and asset limits established by the South African Government otherwise any problem can happen.

This means test makes sure for authorities sitting at the backend that the help goes to people who really need and deserve it, especially those who can’t support themselves financially for certain reasons. It’s important to figure out who truly qualifies for the grant and should be given, so that aid goes solely to those who fit the specific money requirements.

Let’s discuss in detail  how the SASSA means test can affect whether applicants qualify for social grants or not:

Preventing Misuse: The means test helps SASSA team to stop social grants from being used the wrong way by making sure only the right people get them. For married people, it looks at both their incomes together, which keeps the system fair and makes sure the money goes where it’s really needed.

Benefiting the Needy: This simply means a test is created to make sure that the grants go to the people who need them the in true sense or they are deserving. By looking at how much money someone has, the government can give help first to those who are struggling financially and give them the right kind of support that they need.

Continued Eligibility: The means test isn’t done only once. They check how much money you have from time to time to make sure the help goes to the people who really need it and to stop money from being used the wrong way. If your financial situation gets better, you might not get the grant benefits anymore from the agency.

Eligibility Determination: The means test is really important for the team working at the backend to decide who can and is from deserving quota to get the SASSA R350 grant benefits. If your money situation fits the rules, you can get the grant. But if it doesn’t, you might not be able to get this financial aid.

When Does the SASSA R350 Grant Expires

In late 2022, His Highness the President of South Africa Cyril Ramaphosa made an announcement regarding the extension of the SASSA R350 grant to provide ongoing support for citizens’ essential needs. Currently, about 7 million people depend on this grant for their basic living expenses. 

The extension has assured these beneficiaries that the SASSA R350 grant will continue until March 2024, with the possibility of further extensions as the government acquires additional funds transparently.

How frequently is the SASSA status verification refreshed?

Monthly updates by the agency are actively broadcasted related to the finances of beneficiaries of the scheme. These updates usually follow a set payment timetable that specifies the precise days for releasing funds into beneficiaries’ bank accounts if they’ve chosen the Cash Send option or for pick-up at the Post Office that is locally situated in your area.

Causes for Difficulties that Can Happen During SRD Status Check

  • Don’t Forget to Check Your Internet Connection: Begin by ensuring that your Internet connection is fine and functioning smoothly and correctly. Also 
  • Also, make sure that you have a stable and active internet connection.
  • Review Your ID Number and Phone Number: If your internet connection is fine, review your ID number and phone number for any errors.
  • Ensure that you have entered the correct ID number and a valid phone number.
  • Ensure Accurate Input Details: To ensure a successful status check, input the correct registered ID number and a valid South African phone number.
  • Accurate recipient data is crucial for the status database to function properly and provide you with the correct information at the moment.

Unsuccessful & Delayed Payment Disbursement of the SASSA R350 grant

sassa card look
how your sassa card looks like

If you are experiencing a delay in receiving your SASSA 350 payment, it coil happen for several factors. Suppose you are already a recipient of this, it could sometimes delayed because of weekend holidays, official processing time, and attestation checks. To correctly tackle this problem, make sure your details are correct to 100%, monitor your status consistently, exercise patience, and if needed, don’t hesitate to contact SASSA directly for assistance.

If you’re already an existing SASSA beneficiary and haven’t received your finances yet, it’s recommended to contact the SASSA team directly. You can also verify your SASSA status to confirm if your approval is in order, and also check for potential delays, cancellations, or if it’s still showing as pending.

For help and clarification regarding your payment delays, reach out to the national authorities by dialing their phone number at 0800 60 10 11. This step will enable you to gain insight into the possible causes of the delay and explore suitable remedies.

The status of the SASSA R350 grant is still in the pending stage

For pending R350 grant status, new recipients should ensure accurate banking details, and existing recipients may experience verification delays. Stay patient, check your status, or contact local SASSA for updates.

SASSA Balance Online Check

To view your SASSA balance online, connect your bank account to SASSA via your bank’s app or use the e-wallet app if you opted for Cash Send. Otherwise, visit for balance checks.

Checking your SASSA grant balance without using airtime.

Verify your SASSA account balance for various grants at a nearby SASSA Service Center or by using your SASSA Gold card and PIN at an ATM, all without needing airtime.

SASSA Grant Balance Check Suing your Phone

Check your SASSA balance without airtime by dialing 12069277# on your mobile. It’s free, and available 24/7, and you’ll get an SMS confirmation with your grant balance details.

Time taken for payment processing following SASSA approval.

Upon approval, SASSA releases R350 grants and other social payments on the next payday or in the following months. While previous SRD R350 grant recipients often experience quicker processing, please note that processing times can differ, and occasional delays may occur due to administrative or technical factors.

Anticipated waiting duration for SASSA deposits to be credited to bank accounts.

SASSA usually transfers funds to Postbank accounts within two working days. Payments are scheduled on specific dates, and there may be a delay before it appear in your bank transactions. Staying patient is important, and you can keep track of your payment and status on your payday.

Verify my current R350 grant application.

Confirm your R350 grant application status at with your phone number and ID. It’s a convenient online method available anytime. For assistance, call 0800601011 toll-free.

Steps to verify the appeal for the SASSA R350 grant.

To verify the status of your SASSA R350 grant appeal, please complete these steps:

  • Visit the SRD appeal website:
  • Log in to your account or register if you haven’t already.
  • In the ‘Appeals’ section, choose “R350 Appeal Status.”
  • Provide your ID number and appeal reference number.
  • Click ‘submit’ to access the current status of your R350 grant appeal.
  • Keep track of the details for your R350 grant appeal’s progress and any necessary next steps.

Verify your SASSA reconsideration application.

To seek reconsideration for a rejected SASSA grant application, visit You’ll only need your South African ID number and phone number for the application. Click the “Send pin” button after entering your details to proceed.

SASSA Status Check Shows “Approved” Yet No SMS Notification Received

  1. If your SASSA status is approved but you haven’t received an SMS notification, follow these steps:
  2. Allow a few days for potential SMS delays, giving it some time to arrive.
  3. Confirm your contact details to ensure accuracy, especially your mobile number, in SASSA records.
  4. If several days pass without an SMS, contact the SASSA helpline at 0800601011 for assistance.
  5. If needed, visit your nearest SASSA office for direct support regarding your approved status and SMS issue.
  6. For more related information click here.


Is SASSA a governmental department?

Yes, it is a 100% government-funded financial aid agency for South African citizens.

Am I eligible to receive SASSA payments?

To check your eligibility there are many factors that could be met like your age, disability status, and income status.

When was SASSA started in South Africa?

It was originally started back in 2005 when the government decided to improve their beloved citizen’s lifestyle.

Can an overseas South African get benefits from SASSA?

Only South African local citizens who are currently living in the country can avail of this opportunity with all criteria to be fulfilled.

Can I perform SASSA Status Check if my application is pending?

Yes, you can check your status even if your application is undergoing the approval process, you can see the current status of your application.

What Is the Reason for SASSA Status Being Declined?

When your SASSA status reads “Declined,” your grant application, reconsideration, or appeal was not successful, as it didn’t meet the eligibility criteria. If you need clarification or help, reach out to SASSA or consider alternative options.

Does “SRD Grant is Currently Active” Indicate Approval?

If your SASSA status displays “SRD Grant Is Now Active,” your SRD grant application was successful. Payments will follow the schedule, so keep an eye on the upcoming SASSA paydays for updates.


    1. Hi Buana, there can be many reasons for status checking failed,
      1. your application might be new and haven’t yet processed further or might be declined.
      2. you can check some days later.
      4. you might be entering wrong details like your ID number if phone number.
      3. check this OR for more details you can contact 0800601011

    1. Hi, this should be due to too many user requests at a time, you can visit later and check. Sometime system update can be the reason but that’s rare case.

    1. Hi Huala, checking status for all SASSA grants including Child Support, Grant in Aid, Care Dependency, Old Age Grant, Disability Grant, Foster Child, and War Veterans is same, and all grants need only your ID number and Ph number to check the current status.

    1. Hi, you can report to the related authorities for your id card misplacement, you can’t be able to check SASSA status online without having a ID number. You can visit your nearest SASSA office and ask at the help desk to check status on your behalf.

    1. Hi Nkanyiso,
      We don’t encourage sharing your details with anyone else even with us. Checking your status is so simple two step process.
      1. type your id number
      2. type your phone number and press the Check Now button below these fields.

    1. Hi, yes this is 100% accurate and exactly same as official SASSA system tells the grant details, you don’t have to worry about it.

    1. Yes you can check your baby’s grant status here either its Child support, or Care dependency. Also, you can check all other grant status here that SASSA offers.

    1. Hi,
      No, at this time there is no such service SASSA is offering to beneficiaries. You have to check your status on your own.

    1. High, please provide your exact phone number as you’ve given in your application form, otherwise it will tell wrong number.

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