sassa old age grant

SASSA Old Age Grant

SASSA old age grant program is specifically designed for South African nationals who are at the age of 60 or above and are unable to work for money. This grant allows them to receive grants for their livelihood on a monthly basis after their application approval.

If you are old age and come in the deserving quota of this program by SASSA, you can apply for this, in case you are not able to apply for this application due to certain old-age reasons, you also have the option that someone in your blood relation in your home can apply for this grant using documents of proof and other mandatory papers on your behalf.

Check Status For SASSA Old Age Grant

Steps to Check SASSA Old Age Grant

As you check for other SASSA statuses, this includes the same procedure for checking into the status of your application, it only involves a few steps and seconds for you to check, follow the steps given below:

  • To check your SASSA Old Age Grant status if you already have applied, you can take all the necessary documents with you in order to avoid any inconvenience.
  • Before you open the status checker, clear your browsing cache for a better experience.
  • Now enter your National ID card provided by the South African government in the first field.
  • Enter the mobile number that you provided at the time of application or grant registration.
  • Press ‘enter’ or click on the ‘Submit’ button given below and your old age grant status will be shown on your screen.


In case you are accepted for an institution under a state contract for your welfare by authorities, your social grant will get lowered to 25% of the whole amount. This will start happening from the fourth month after your admission and is promptly restored upon your release.

Eligibility for Old Age Grant

For a successful approval of an old age grant, you must fulfill the following criteria list. A single missing criterion from the list can cause your application rejection.

sassa old age eligibility criteria
old age grant eligibility criteria
  • The old age or senior person must be a South African resident with a national ID card.
  • The age of the applicant must be 65 years or older.
  • He/she must not be receiving an annual income of more than R96,840, if the applicant is a legally married couple, they must not be receiving more than R193,680 annually. For both, a monthly income of R16,140 shouldn’t be higher than this.
  • The applicant must not be enrolled in any other financial grant scheme.

If the person is enrolled for a home for SASSA old age homes for pensioners, he/she will receive the grant amount after a 25% reduction in the total amount.

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What circumstances can lead to old-age grant rejection?

There can be many reasons, but the most popularly seen reasons are you are not complying with the official criteria given by SASSA, your documents are incomplete, any mistake found in the application process, or any illegal activity noticed by any of the official personnel of SASSA.

When will the authorities stop providing SASSA grants?

Including old-age grants and other SASSA grants; if any illegal activity happens from your side or the beneficiary receiving the grants passes away will be ceased or stopped from the agency.

How much is the social grant reduced to when admitted to such an institution?

The social grant specifically old-age grant will be reduced to 25% of the maximum grant amount when an individual is admitted to an institution with a state contract for their care.

Will I be eligible for an old-age grant if I am 1 year below the age criteria given for an old-age grant?

If you are 1-2 years younger than the age criteria which is 60 years of minimum age, you will not be accepted for the old-age grant. You can wait for some time to apply, in the meantime, you can prepare your documents and proof for the application process.

How much SASSA grant for old age?

The old age person successfully approved for this grant should be receiving a total grant amount of R2090 on a monthly basis.

For more information:

You can call to Toll-Free 0800 60 10 11

You can also use official email as [email protected]

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    1. Yes,
      1. The senior citizen must be a South African resident with a national ID card.
      2. The applicant’s age should be 65 years or older.
      3. For a legally married couple, the combined annual income should not exceed R193,680, and the monthly income should not surpass R16,140.
      4. The applicant should not be receiving benefits from any other financial grant scheme.

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