SASSA Bank Consent Form

SASSA Bank Consent Form for Payments

The SASSA consent form for bank payment is actually a SASSA declaration form that gives information to SASSA through your application which bank SASSA should be sending your monthly SASSA payments.

The SASSA consent from is usually filled out online by downloading from the SASSA site and gets attached with your application. If you want to download this form, you can download it from here.

As this is a prerequisite for SASSA grant application. To fill out this form is really simple and straightforward, if you’re ready to apply for SASSA, first, you need to identify for which grant you should apply, then head over to the application form filling.

Let’s see how can you fill out this consent form in simple steps.

How to Fill SASSA Consent Form for Payments

Following are simple steps you can follow to fill the consent or banking details declaration form. 

You can either fill this form online or physically by printing it out from a printer. If you’re filling this out by hand or offline, you need to scan a copy of this form after filling it and then you’ll be uploading this.

Similarly, if you’re filling this form online, you need to open the downloaded PDF form of the consent form in a form-filling software or any online document editor.

Also make sure the details you’re going to input in the form should be reflecting the details of your application form; same name, address, and various other applicant details.

how to fill sassa consent form for payments
fill Sassa bank consent form this way
  • First download the form on your computer, make sure you download the form only from the official website of SASSA.
  • Fill very first 3 fields of the form with SurName, Full Name, and South African ID number, which should be similar to the application form details.
  • Then write your residential South African address in the second field, this should also be matching to the information you’ve entered in your application form.
  • Then type your personal Email Address, and your valid and registered South African phone number in the address field.
  • Now it’s turn for the banking details, type your bank company name, branch code, and your active account number that should be pre-registered before you apply for a grant. If at alter stage you decided to change your bank account, you can do so.
  • Now it’s time to sign this consent, write your sign in the left empty space below the consent statement. Your sign should be the same as the signs on your South African ID card. Also, write the present date on which you’re filling this form, the date should be in the format as printed on the consent form. 

Simply print this form out for later use, or you can scan the filled form using a scanner if you’d filled this form offline by hand or using a ballpoint.

Precautions While Filling Bank Consent Form

  1. The post information in the form always be matching to the details of the applicant in the application form.
  2. If you’re filling the form physically or offline by downloading it, avoid cuttings and use only ballpoint. For safety, you can print more copies of the form than one.
  3. Avoid taking any help from a third party when filling this form.
  4. If you’re dealing with this form physically, avoid touching it with wet or oily hands, or it will create problems in post-printing.
  5. It will always be a better option to fill this form in already downloaded software on your computer or smartphone, avoid filling this out using online open-source editing software.
  6. You can only fill out this form if you have an active bank account.
  7. Your bank account should be acceptable to SASSA.
  8. Read all the details mentioned on the consent form first before you actually raise your hand to fill it.

Visit for more SASSA related help and guide, whether it is related to checking your status or anything related to your Sassa grant.

Final Thoughts

Take your time while filling this without getting so quickie, any wrong detail entered would be problematic for your application approval.

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