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Steps to Take If Missed to Withdraw SRD Payment For 90 Days

It can be a case if you’ve missed your grant pay date and haven’t withdraw your Sassa money for long about 90 days.

This is to inform you that SASSA gives a 90 days time period to all grant-type beneficiaries to 90 days of official disbursement dates to receive their money. However, if someone has missed withdrawing the money for this long, you need not to worry about it.

I will be guiding you to deal with this situation, so before you get into details of the solution to this problem, you don’t have to worry about if you’re receiving SASSA payments through modern ways.

Yes, if you’re receiving SASSA money through ATM cards or using a digital wallet app, you can withdraw your payment anytime using the same procedure within 90 days.

But what if you’re one who’ve missed withdrawing payment or long or about more than 90 days, here is the solution you can follow.

Procedure To Recollect Payment if Missed for Long

It is always advised to collect your payments on time without long delays, but if dug into the situation there is a solution. Here are some important steps you can follow to reget your payments if your payment is reverted back to SASSA. 

Please not that the solution provided here isn’t guaranteed that it will 100% work, as reverted or unclaimed payments can’t be reclaimed, but still you can try to get it back.

  • Appeal to SASSA: write an informal appeal letter to SASSA in which explains the reason why you’ve missed collecting your payment. You can simply write this appeal on plain paper and mail it to SASSA at their official address. For office addresses, you can visit the SASSA offices in South Africa page.
  • Call to SASSA: simple make a direct call to SASSA using official number as 0800601011. Explain the problem due to which you failed to withdraw your money.
  • Appeal through Email:  email to SASSA at this address [email protected]. Write a simple straightforward email in a very polite tone and explain the issues that lead you to failure to receive payment.
  • Visit Office: visit any nearest SASSA office and ask them about your problem at the help desk, if they find your problem is legit, they will surely help you out getting your reverted payment.
  • Reference Help: if any of your friends or relatives you know work in SASSA, you can also take advantage of this. Involve that person in this matter to maximize the chances of your appeal acceptance.

These are simple solutions, the conclusion is up to you how to deal with this situation and get yourself out of it.

Some Precautions

  1. Always appeal to deal in this matter to any SASSA professional whether you use any digital or online means, and maintain your voice tone polite.
  2. The problem due to which you haven’t received your money should be legit and natural.
  3. The SASSA professional assisting you in this matter can require other information related to you and your grant type, so if he/she finds anything fool-proofing it can create a problem for you, so be very transparent while doing this.
  4. Avoid asking someone else on your behalf top deal with SASSA to get this problem solved, deal directly with SASSA yourself. Also, don’t try to hire any procurator for this.
  5. Your application must be approved and working fine, you can see your SRD application status to check its currency performance.
  6. Your history of grant payment receiving should also be positive, or you haven’t noticed by SASSA in any spoofy technique held to any SASSA’s system.
  7. Once you get out of this situation, make sure you don’t forget to receive your payments on time to avoid this situation again happening to you.
  8. Must take your important documents related to your grant application with you when you visit the SASSA office for this. It will always be a plus point if you take any proof of the problem that led you to failure to receive your payment.

Final Thoughts

I recommend you deal with this situation very calmly and behave like a good citizen with the SASSA team that deals with you in this matter. To get the maximum results of your efforts stay legit and transparent through all this.

More Information

Call: 0800601011
WA: 0820468553
Email: [email protected]

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