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SASSA Increase 2023 / 2024 | Breakdown to SASSA Grant Increase

More than 18 million beneficiaries are being granted their social grants every month in South Africa. SASSA always takes care of each of its beneficiaries and the inflation line, so the SASSA increase in 2023 happened twice this year.

You are probably aware that SASSA is planning its next move to increment in the next year 2024, but it still isn’t clear how much increment will be going to happen. This year in 2023 SASSA increased two times one in April and one in October.

SASSA Increments in Different Grants

There is almost the same amount of increase in payments, but also don’t forget the Child Support and in-Aid grants haven’t experienced a similar increase, so read the increase amounts carefully

Old Age Grant

An increment of R90 was implemented in April to the Old age grant while an increase of R10 to the same grant happened in October. Now the total payment of the old age grant is R2090.

War Veterans Grant

A similar increment of R90 was also been applied to the War Veterans Grant in April, while in October, an increment of R10 was implemented making it a total of R2110 on the monthly payment

Disability Grant

SASSA also made an April increase in the Disability Grant. Of R90 and R10 in October making it a total payment of R2090.

Foster Child Grant

The Foster Child Grant has also experienced an increment of R90 in April and R10 in October.  Now the foster grant beneficiaries are receiving a total payment of R1130 on a monthly basis.

Care Dependency Grant

A similar double increment also applied to the Care Dependency Grant making it a total payment of R2090.

Child Support Grant

The Child Support Grant is treated a little bit differently in increments. There is an increase of R30 collectively in April and October making it R510. Keep note that Child support top-up experienced an increase of R10 making it a total of R250. The child support top-up didn’t experience any increase in October.

Grant in-Aid

The Grant in-Aid has been increased to R500 by the addition of R20 and ultimately in October it came to R510 in October with an R10 addition.

Many people this year were looking for an increase in the Social Relief of Distress grant which wasn’t announced officially by the authorities, there can be certain reasons for this. All such Increments are official and being collected from the official budget speeches of the Finance Minister leading the SASSA Agency.

For timely updates about increments in SASSA payments, you can visit the same page or bookmark this page for the latest updates, we are actively updating as we get fresh increase news about SASSA. You can also perform SASSA status check on our platform.


Why SRD isn’t increased this year?

There is yet no clear reason for the nonincrement od the SRD grant by SASSA in any of their official speeches. There are chances it might increase in the coming days.

Does SASSA make Increments in payments every year?

SASSA often made increments in its grant looking at the inflation graph, there is no exact date for its increase, it always happens according to current economic situations.

Will SASSA R350 grant increase?

The grant increase usually happens after a year or two, at the start of every year you can expect increase, but its not always promised that SASSA will do so every year starting.

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