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Types of SASSA Grants | Grant Comparison

Types of SASSA grants include a wide range of grants in comparison to other funding schemes available in South Africa due to the expansion SASSA has gained over the past years.

The most famous grant that SASSA offers is the R350 COVID grant which it offers for a limited time of period specifically designed for unemployed persons in the country.

It’s a fact that all SASSA grant types are temporary excluding a few types, you’re advised to see the details of each grant you’re interested in before you apply.

In this article, I have made SASSA grant comparison chart in which you will see the details of each grant depending on the nature and types of the grants SASSA offers.

This will help you find the differences between all grants to proceed with the right grant either for yourself or for your loved ones. 

Remember that you can only select the grant for yourself or for anyone depending on the SASSA announced criteria, each grant is designed differently in terms of its grant money.

SASSA Grant Types and Comparison Chart

No.NameGrant MoneyPayment FrequencyPrimary Criteria
1.SASSA Child Support GrantR250MonthlyApplicant must be a South African
2.SASSA Care Dependency GrantR2090MonthlyApplicant must be a South African
3.SASS Old Age GrantR2090MonthlyApplicant must be a South African
4.Old Age Homes for PensionersApplicant must be a South African
5.SASSA Grant in-AidR500MonthlyApplicant must be a South African
6.SASSA Disability GrantR2090MonthlyApplicant must be a South African
7.SASSA Foster Child GrantR1130MonthlyApplicant must be a South African
8.SASSA War Veterans GrantR2110MonthlyApplicant must be a South African

Keep in mind that SASSA grant amounts are not rigid, SASSA keeps changing or increasing them according to inflation as in recent years all grant amounts have been increased from their previous amount.

Another important thing to notice is that SASSA online application procedure is almost the same for all grants, they are just different in submitting the criteria proof or requirements.

You can also perform SASSA status check for all grants the same way except for old-age homes schemes. If you are trying to get old age homes and old age grants at the same time for yourself or for someone else in your close relationship, remember that terms and conditions may apply in this case.

If you’re thinking about renewing the process of any grant, there’s good news that SASSA has lifted this from all grants, now you don’t have to renew a grant. In case you’re a new applicant to SASSA you can see tips for successful grant approval.

Types of Grants Other than SASSA in South Africa

Here are some types of grants in South Africa you can consider if SASSA don’t accepts your grant application due to any reason.

Please note that these grants may or may not be social or made for all public, you’re advised to check each grant scheme to see whether it fits your requirements.

  • SEDA.
  • IDC.
  • NRF.
  • NSFAS.
  • NAC.
  • DTIC.
  • DEAFF.
  • NLC.
  • TIA.
  • DBSA.
  • NEF.
  • NYDA.
  • BBC.
  • SAFTAs.

Keep note that these are short abbreviations of the grant schemes in South Africa and these may be focusing on a specific segment of the South African population, check more details yourself.

Final Thoughts

Make sure you read all the details of each grant thoroughly in the SASSA grant comparison and apply particularly for that specific grant with all the requirements and criteria fulfilled. There are high chance that your application get rejected if you miss even a single requirement or fail to fulfill even a single criterion.

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